Live’s better

Yesterday, I went and saw a high school play. It didn’t have a big budget, but the actors were talented, and there was so much love being poured over even the smallest details that one can’t help but enjoy it. There’s just some kind of feeling being put into a live performance, different from what you ‘d expect from a recording.

With that in mind, I want to share this crappily shot but still very enjoyable video of a live performance of Yuki Kajiura. I’ve been listening to these tracks for years, and I can tell you right now that I like the live version better.

And the guy with the violin? Amazing. It’s just so satisifying to see a person playing a viloin properly after seeing so many badly animated violin scenes…


2 thoughts on “Live’s better

  1. I agree, and I’m sure others do as well, considering people are still willing to put on these performances. Also, though my opinion is probably more than a little biased since I’m in a high school band myself, amateur performances are generally underrated; they’re never the best, but like you said, the effort the students and teachers put into it adds a unique flavour.

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