Naruto Chapter 426 and 427


Ewwwwwww that just looks gross.

Frick, frick, frickety frick!

Well really I shouldn’t be irritated after reading 427, its just that I had part of 426 written, yeah yeah I know it was late in coming.
But if you’ve read 426 you’ll understand how hard it was to stump up the enthusiasm to post about it.
Not that it was all bad, its just like I said last week, I don’t give a crap what Konohamaru was doing dammit!
There is so much else he could be covering right now and chapter 427 was a start so now I won’t rant as much as I was going to since some of my prayers were answered.
But before talk about that there was something I enjoyed reading about in chapter 426.

Naruto Chapter 426 – Naruto and Konoha.

If there is one redeeming element to this chapter for me, its the insight we get into how the villagers view Naruto.
Much like how the inhabitants of Sand seemed to have changed their view, of the once scary demon container in charge of their village, many in Konoha have changed their feelings about Naruto.

To the extent that this Pein cannot find anyone willing to give out information about him. Its during one of these interrogations that Konohamaru comes into play.


Ebisu to the rescue?

He witnesses the whole event and as he goes to leave makes a sound which gets him noticed.
His good ol sensei Ebisu comes to take on this Pein so Konohamaru can get away, which is probably likely.
Since this Pein really doesn’t cares who he’s killing as long as they give him information on the boisterous blond.
Ebisu isn’t very accommodating though and makes sure to let this Pein know he won’t be telling him anything about Naruto, because he is a citizen of Konoha.
But that’s only after we get a montage of images showing us how when he started out, everyone didn’t think much of Naruto and how they didn’t even think he should be allowed to become a ninja.

But with each mission, with each battle, they slowly began to warm to him.
After the Zabuza mission they initially dismissed the idea that he might have been any help in the mission. But as he kept on being successful they couldn’t deny there was something about the kid and when he beat Neji during the chuunin exams they really started to take notice.


I will protect my precious people.

They could no longer treat him with fear and derision as he protected the village from Gaara and Shukaku, brought Tsunade back to them to serve as the Godaime and helped to make relations with Sand better by rescuing Gaara. They had finally come to view him as one of them.

So much so, that instead of feeling happy and laughing at him in the times he failed, such as retrieving Sasuke they began to sympathize with him over the loss of is friend and worry for his safety when they found out Akatsuki is after him.

They even go as far as to wonder if they can do anything to help him in the wake of the death of someone important to Naruto, like Jiraiya.

They have finally recognized he isn’t the demon contained within him, he is Naruto Uzamaki a kid with so much heart that he never gives up on anyone, not even the village that for years treated him like dirt.


A Ninja of Konoha

So they will protect him as he has protected them, this Pein won’t learn anything from anyone in the village about Naruto and Ebisu makes that very clear just the same as everyone else this Pein has interrogated in regards to Naruto.

Ebisu has no illusions that he will come out of this encounter alive, but his only thoughts are of protecting Konohamaru and Naruto.
Except instead of getting the hell out of there, Konohamaru decides he won’t run away, he will fight this Pein!

Which is pretty much Naruto’s attitude as he tells Fukasaku that he doesn’t care if its impossible to gather natural energy whilst moving, he’ll do it dammit!


I’ll do it DATTEBAYO!

Naruto tells Fukasaku that the message Jiraiya left on his back is a message to him, a message telling him to never give up no matter what. It gives me hope the damn sage training is going to be over soon.

Oh yea Shizune and Ino’s father head to the cipher department, getting a slug to pass on a message to Ino for her to meet them there. Ibiki holds down the fort so they can get away, although at this point WHO THE HELL CARES ANYMORE! Just tell me when you’ve finally figured Pein out.

Naruto Chapter 427- Reunion.


Konohamaru to the rescue?

Ebisu wants to know why the hell Konohamaru didn’t run away and he tells him its because he promised Naruto he would fight him one day for the title of Hokage.
He feels like his has to fight because otherwise he wouldn’t be worthy to take on his rival Naruto.


You can do it Naruto, BELIEVE IT!

Back with Naruto it seems like he’s stepped up the training even further, to the point where Fukasaku can’t keep up with him.
Fukasaku tells Naruto that running whilst trying to gather natural energy which requires stillness is like trying to look left and right at the same time.
This seems to set off a lightbulb in Naruto’s brain, hopefully next week we’ll find out what it is. Probably involves shadow clones right? 😉

Choji finally makes it to Tsunade and is able to provide her with the information they learned about the Pein with the six piercings.


He’s totally not dead you know.

Through communication with her slugs Tsunade is able to tell Choji that his father Choza is still alive. Now the translation I read, reads as “if you get them to the hospital they might still have a chance.” so that would imply Kakashi is still alive right?

Kiba, Akamaru, Kiba’s mother and her dog take on another Pein in the morgue as he stands over the body Jiraiya had recovered during his battle with them.


The Aburame Clan don’t get out much.

Shino, his father and some others from the Aburame clan take on Konan as Gai Sensei’s team finally get back and decide to check out what’s going on.


Next week, Pein vs Tsunade, Oh kami-sama I hope so!

Finally Pein comes face to face with Tsunade, telling her long time no see and reminding her of Jiraiya’s death as he tells her she is the last of the of the three legendary ninjas.

So finally one of the healing slugs has reached Kakashi sensei and Tsunade tells Choji to hurry so there is still hope.
C’mon Sakura-chan Kakashi Sensei needs you!

Still don’t care all that much about the whole Konohamaru crap, but the opportunity it provided to see how everyone views Naruto was nice.
I probably would have enjoyed the whole how he’s grown up with Naruto’s don’t give up attitude, which is sweet.
But I just want to get to big battle already!

Finally Pein reaches Tsunade, now we are getting somewhere.
Funnily enough the rant I had written had all these three points in it, where the fuck is Choji, what the hell is up with Kakashi and what’s going on with Tsunade right now?

Except I thought maybe instead of the whole Konohamaru thing if he wanted a break in the destruction crap he could have given us a Danzou update.
Perhaps Danzou will be making his move whilst Tsunade is busy taking on Pein…

Hmm and its been strangely quiet on the Akatsuki front, wonder if they’ve figured out the Hachibi has bolted yet?


13 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 426 and 427

  1. Not just too many characters, but too many characters whose character developments have been pushed aside in favor of Naruto and Sasuke.

    I mean, One Piece has a lot of characters, and I can remember most of them.

    Of course, the fact that some of the characters don’t have last names, and that they don’t have obscure Japanese sounding names, help. XD

  2. @ maggeh, Captain Shanks is pretty hardcore, shaking off losing his arm like it was nothing 🙂 Yes I finally checked it out. I will be continuing too since I really enjoyed it.

    Oops, sorry! But it was worth the wait right? XD

    At first I had no enthusiasm for it, then I had a rant planned and got it half written, then people made demands on my time, by then 427 was out.

    Then I read 427 and the crap I was gonna bitch about was no longer relevant since there it was in 427, well sort of so I decided to just merge the chapters into one post.

    Oh and I spent time actually using html and stuff for pretty colored titles and check it, I colored one of the pics. I ended up putting in quite a bit of effort in this post to make up for the lateness.

    Hopefully I won’t make you wait for 428, but even though the poppy seed cake is done as are the pumpkin cookies I still have gingerbread men to make, the dough should be ready by now.

    This is a busy time of year for me, I bake A LOT for work even though a lot of them don’t deserve it!

  3. @ frog212 and yeshi, I would hope she’d stick around for a bit.

    It would be nice for her to beat the odds 🙂 with two out of the three gone it certainly doesn’t look good for her.

    I don’t know if she’ll make it to the end of the manga, but it would be nice for her to make it through this battle at least.

    You figure with an Akatsuki attack someone in the village isn’t gonna make it and I really hope it isn’t Kakashi who dies.

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