FMA2 I call dibs on blogging this!


Sakura totally loved the first series

According to ANN

The website for FMA2 has been updated with a brief video and the news that the show will air in April.

Hubby-sama sighed as he realized that buying this show for me will no doubt be in his future, even though I own the first series XD

Oh the video can be seen here, note no eyepatch on Mustang! FMA2

So there I know there is a pretty mixed response to this, with many feeling like they should just leave well enough alone and they are just trying to milk a dead cow.

I think I could still enjoy this despite having also loved the first season.
What about all of you?


13 thoughts on “FMA2 I call dibs on blogging this!

  1. I have not seen the followups to the TV series yet, but I did enjoy the anime. I liked the music and the plot involved some interesting themes. I look forward to the FMA2, but I wonder if it will be a retelling or a sequel.

  2. I will remain skeptical until I get some solid evidence as to what this “sequel” will be about because as of yet, I don’t know if it’s actually a sequel, a restart, a faithful adaptation of the manga, or something completely different altogether.

  3. Yeah, what maggeh said. If it’s a faithful adaptation of the manga, it won’t be bad. Hopefully they won’t invent a crappy arc. But hey, I reckon they’ll do well.

  4. @ Kitsune, oh you have to check out the movie, I loved it.

    @ Kiri, according to the site, we’ll get more information on Dec 12th so hopefully there will be more clues.

    @ Ryan A, the manga is definitely worth reading if you haven’t already checked it out.

    @ Choux, Maggeh, M12, well at the very least, going by how Mustang looks this isn’t a continuation of the first.
    Since we all know that at the end of the last series Mustang had that snazzy eye-patch.
    Which you’ll all notice from the brief animation is missing XD

    @ M12, sorry I missed Fiesta next time I’ll have to stalk on Skype while you guys play. I don’t think I could download another program to my computer, its already protesting at me as it is. Stupid hunk of junk. I hope you all had fun, I did make an effort to post more on the forums though. 🙂

    @ Frank, I’ll be sure to check you out when I get a minute 🙂

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