tora dora 5


Aww she’s so cute

So Yasuko gets all pouty and upset when she thinks she wouldn’t be getting a rice omelet. Ryujii pacifies her by letting her know not only does she have one but he did indeed write her name on it in ketchup.

But really its Taiga we have to feel sorry for this episode. She already has so much trouble getting to the love of her life and now she has to deal with that dreaded plot bunny:



Can you, you know do that?

Taiga is more than a little annoyed, they are on school vacation but she hasn’t been able to spend much time with her beloved Kitamura since he is busy with his club and vice presidential duties.


You owe me this for what I did earlier.

In exchange for helping her out Taiga agrees to accompany Ryuji to his beloved Minorin’s restaurant only to find she isn’t there.
Whilst there though Taiga gets the shock of her life in the form of Kitamura’s childhood friend, Ami Kawashima.


Can I bear your children?

Turns out she’s a model, the same one in Taiga’s magazine.
She appears to be an air head, even referring to herself as one and appears to be disgustingly sweet.


Dammit, the machine was out of rubbers, we’ll have to go to the store.

However when the guys leave to go to the bathroom she shows Taiga her true nature.
She’s nothing but rude to Taiga and even says she’ll take Ryuji off of her.
Not that Taiga is bothered of course since she has no interest in Ryuji.


“Whoooooooa here she comes, watch out coz she’ll chew you uuuup”

Kitamura tempts fate by saying how impressed he is with how Taiga is managing to keep her cool.


Mrrrrrrrow, saucer of milk, table nine.

Of course Taiga reached her limit a long time ago and finally gives Ami what she deserves.


Taiga begins training for her battle, her first step is to gather all the energy she can through eating.

Uh-oh if Ami sticks around, Taiga’s emotional eating may get even further out of control.


The bitch is back

So just when Taiga had calmed down and figured she’d never see Ami again, she turns up at their school and Taiga is livid.


Today, someone will die…


But it is picking up that porn channel Kitamura likes.

Minorin is totally not fooled by Kawashima’s fake exterior and if Minorin catches her bullying her buddy, I see an ass kicking in Kawashima’s future.


Awww isn’t the klutz cute… “gag”

Ryuji is a little annoyed with Kitamura for keeping them in the dark about the fact Ami was joining their school, especially since he had her meet them previously.

Kitamura doesn’t care that Ami is a beotch, he prefers the real her to the fake persona at least and he wants for everyone to like Ami for who she is and hopes that one day she can be herself.


I see someones nose getting longer…

Kawashima catches up with Ryuji after class and tries to act the innocent victim over the incident in the restaurant as she tries to make sure no-one finds out about it.
Ryuji figures out what she’s after of course and goes along with her act.


Taiga plots Ryuji’s death

The happy Kawashima grabs him by the hand and they run to class. The fact they arrive back together is noticed by Taiga and Minorin.


Minorin gets in on the kill Ryuji plan

So it seems Minorin is still under the mistaken impression that Taiga and Ryuji are dating.
She’s not happy about the fact he came to class with Kawashima since that would mean he might be cheating on her friend.


This is what Kushieda thinks of air-heads

Kitamura gets in on the note passing himself, asking Minorin what she thinks of people who refer to themselves as airheads, her reaction is pretty amusing.


Awww I spilt the sauce down my cleavage.

Kawashima confronts Taiga in class and at first Taiga has her on the ropes.
Saying that she’ll stick to her like glue and her fake facade will eventually crumble and all will see her for who she really is.
But Kawashima hits Taiga where it hurts, telling her that Kitamura hates her for slapping her when they were at the restaurant.

Well played Kawashima, well played, she has Taiga so upset that she didn’t even go to Ryuji’s for food.
Yasuko shows some rare insight and tells Ryuji that if he is worried about Taiga he should just take her food to her.


Taiga regrets streaking around the school yard earlier.

Ryuji finds Taiga feeling very sorry for herself, but is able to get her feeling better pretty quickly.
He tells her that Kitamura is very much aware of Ami’s nature and isn’t angry with her for slapping Ami at the restaurant.

Of course now she feels better Taiga feels her hunger, especially when Yasuko cries out upset that there is no sauce for the pork cutlets.

On the way to the store to buy some Taiga and Ryuji see Ami, dressed very dowdily and carrying bags full of nothing but snacks.
Ryuji is confused but Taiga seems to have figured something out about her rival.

Yes that’s right people, it takes a lot of puke to keep that hawt figure of hers, at least I think that’s where they are going with this.
As if we hadn’t already figured it out, Kawashima has issues…

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  1. @ maggeh, really? That whole thing confused me, I was going off of the look on Kitamura’s face and assumed he was the one that asked and that Ryuji didn’t get the chance to send her whatever note he was writing.

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