The end of Chihiro’s story

chihiroThe ending of the game is considerably different from that of the anime. The latter had the dramatic scenes, where Renji saw Chihiro lose her memories, where Chihiro struggled to preserve her love, and of course the amazing climax. But the ending was a tad… unrealistic, I suppose. The ending in the game was less dramatic but so much more real. Renji chooses to start his relationship with Chihiro afresh, even though he had the pages of her diary in which she wrote that she loves him, he chose not to give those pages to the Chihiro when he meets her again. There’s something endlessly sad about this, but it was beautiful and hopeful.

Just got started on Mizuki’s path. I’m avoiding the anime until I finish this.

renjiP.S.: Renji’s cute. It’s hard to believe, but his face is really cute in the game. Unfortunately he got stuck with a large body…ugh.


7 thoughts on “The end of Chihiro’s story

  1. Hm… they sound pretty similar to me. In both endings Chihiro is stuck without memories, and in both endings Renji stays with her despite the hardships ahead.

  2. @animekritik: I hope that you get a chance to.
    @flamestrike: In the anime Chihiro still remembers Renji because she can’t stop thinking about him, in the game she doesn’t know who he is anymore as he chooses not to tell her about their past relationship. The change is small, but very significant.

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