Mizuki’s ordeal


At first, I thought that “a tale of memories” had a plot that is very dissimilar to that of the game, but that “a tale of melodies” is very faithful. I stand corrected. The overall story is the same, but many plot elements were left out, like Mizuki’s fear of water, the significance of her running into the ocean to save Kuze’s violin, the existence of MiZuki, Renji’s first love, and Himura’s tattered scarf.

But the most shocking was Kuze’s attempt to rape Mizuki. I knew that an h-scene was going to happen anyway, but this was just…

I’ve always thought that the way Mizuki just left after Kuze asked her “Why?” in episode 7  was just a little bit awkward, now I understand why.  She was supposed to be shocked and had no other option BUT to leave. I’m not saying that the way the TV series was presented was bad, but somehow I just perfer the game. The relationship seems less rushed, and it just seems more real.


4 thoughts on “Mizuki’s ordeal

  1. Shaft only has 12 episodes for two stories, if you look at it that way, the studio is doing more efficient job than so many other visual novel adaptions. And having a attempt rape scene on TV will most likely get Shaft into trouble from many ends (even though Japanese standard of morality toward broadcasting TV is beyond me)

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