Clannad after story 11: Throw it away!


Throw away your pride and forget about work! You’re going to regret not spending time with her later! Look at her! She was waiting with corn! How can you do that? That’s stupid!

1 sentence summary: Tomoya’s getting used to his job, but it’s taking away the time that he has with Nagisa.


Yeah, yeah, developpement and growing up, I know, but I still hate it.


3 thoughts on “Clannad after story 11: Throw it away!

  1. Well the point was that Tomoya and Nagisa became close enough with eachother that Tomoya understood that Nagisa wouldn’t want him to skip his work if he messed up like this. Also he would feel guilty if he abandoned his responsibilities and wouldn’t be able to enjoy his time with Nagisa. When Tomoya explains this to Yuusuke he lets up and allows Tomoya to help out. I think it was a bad move on KyoAni’s part axeing Tomoya’s explination speech and replacing it with just “plz leme work” since everyone thinks that Tomoya = ass to Nagisa now x.x oh well overall the point was made I guess.

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