Ef a tale of melodies 10

vlcsnap-134962An amazing episode. I knew how it was going to play out, but when the opening started playing at the end… still got teary.

1 sentence summary: Yuuko meets an orphaned girl name Miki who rejects people around her and helps her to accept other people, only to get into a traffic accident at the end and die.

While I’m not surprised that they left out Yuuko’s pregnancy, I AM surprised they changed the reason that she died. Originally, she died tried to save Miki, and I can’t understand why they would choose to change that. However, the Yuuko’s song was done beautifully and befitting of the title, a tale of melodies.


5 thoughts on “Ef a tale of melodies 10

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  2. …to take away any blame from Miki, though why they would want to do that i have no clue. kinda the point of the series is how bad stuff happens often through people’s acts and despite their intentions, rather than because of them…

  3. Yeah, I cried too, but FOR A DIFFERENT REASON.

    When I opened the video, guess what happened? The text “Penis” filled the entire screen. I AM NOT JOKING. Did anyone else get this? Is this some sort of joke from the subbers?

    But man, Yuuko dies? *Tear*

  4. I think coalguys subs were upset that people complained about their phallic karaoke sequence in the last ep, so they put the “penis” thing in. Just switch to chihiro subs and you’ll be fine..

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