Clannad after story:12

vlcsnap-246881Tomoya: “Let’s get married.”

Nagisa: “Yes.”

Me: “WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!”

1 sentence summary: Tomoya loses a job opportunity because of his father and we find out about Yoshino’s story. Oh yeah, and Tomoya proposed. PROPOSED!

That was more than 1 sentence. Oh well.vlcsnap-243183

Oh no. AIR flashback. They’re never going to actually GET to the beach, Nagisa’s going to come down with her illness and die before they can go… NOOOO!!!vlcsnap-244418vlcsnap-245117

Yoshino’s story was quite interesting. I expected his fall from fame to be ugly, but not this ugly. What I’m curious about if the fact that after he became famous, he didn’t go back to Kouko to date her. How could he have forgotten?

vlcsnap-243897Of course, Nagisa’s still pestering him about going t osee his father.

vlcsnap-246016But now that THIS has happened, there’s no way that he would be forgiven by Tomoya now.

But, I can’t help but think that he got into trouble PRECISELY because Tomoya wasn’t there and he was in despair. If things actually turned out that way, oh how ironic would it be.


Oh no… Nagisa’s starting to look like an old wife already…

Still, I’m curious about how the wedding will go on, and if they are talking about graduation, does that mean Nagisa’s going to drop out of school early?

… oh no… what if she got pregnant before she could finish school?


4 thoughts on “Clannad after story:12

  1. That person is supposed to be Nagisa? I had no idea! She does look very old.

    Tomoya: “Let’s get married.”

    Nagisa: “Yes.”

    Me: “WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!”

    Yeah, I had the same reaction.

  2. Tomoya: “Let’s get married.”

    Nagisa: “Yes.”

    I laughed and cried at the same time. Then I cursed myself for arranging all my twelve moments of 2008 in advance, so I couldn’t fit this one in.

    This was a fantastic episode.

  3. This episode was very good, but I think it would have been better if it were split up. Like one episode focuses more on Yoshino and the other on Tomoya+Dad/Nagisa. I got the feeling they rushed it a bit. There probably wasn’t much more they could tell though.

    In the end I still cried like a baby.

    And one more thing: Anyone else think of Fallout 3 when they saw the drugs? (that’s what you get when you play Fallout 3 too much xD)

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