SIPO: Coco

Those girls who are completely tame and spineless, who are completely nice and good at cooking and reliable at all times and desperately in love with the main character because they’ve known each other for forever. You know those kind of characters, right? Coco is one of those characters, and she has a bust size that no 14 year old should have to boot.

coco-lastI didn’t care for her from the very beginning.

But, do you know what’s good about having no expectations? If something good happens then you’re pleasantly surprised. And that’s exactly what her path did for me. The beginning was funny, the middle was annoying (because Yoshiyuki’s as dense and a black hole), but the ending was very well done and I liked it. It had those old cheesy elements of a romance story (love triangles, the heroine has to move away, etc), but the ending left me with a good feeling.

I’ve saved Anzu until now, time to tackle her path!


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