At least she didn’t die

sakura1This ALWAYS happens! Whenever I REALLY like a character, something bad’ll happen to them. This started all the way back to Sailor moon. I liked Tomoe, but then she just HAD to go and kill herself.

You can keep reading but just keep in mind that there are a lot of spoilers here.

In Fate/stay night, Ilya got killed.

In watashi no messiah sama, Lilu got killed and Aina couldn’t stay human.

In Sola Matsuri died.

In Code Geass C.C. ended up all alone.

In Clannad Kyou got pushed out of the picture.

In Ga rei zero Yomi died.

In darker than black Amber died.

In true tears Noe ended up alone.

In Tsubasa resvoir chronicles Sakura died.

There are more but I don’t want to think about them.

And of course, in Da capo II, Sakura tried to sacrifice herselv for the person that she loved the most, and wounded up alone and without memory in some distant place! She doesn’t deserve that! Even when I was watching the forse season of the orginal anime I felt sorry for her, and I can’t believe how bitter this ending was!

Oh, just in case you’re wondering, I finished Otome and Yume too, the former had an annoying personality but touching moments, and the latter looked nice (best character design in the whole game, in my opinion) but just didn’t have a satisfying ending.

Sigh… why are the girls I like all cursed?


7 thoughts on “At least she didn’t die

  1. Probably, it means the writers were quite good at making the readers fall for the character. Killing such a likable character would elicit some strong feelings from the readers and contribute to the emotional attachment to the work. ( You’ll never forget that blond sniper 😛 )

  2. Technically Ilya doesn’t “die” per se, she just sacrifices herself–and OH GOD THAT FUCKING JINGLE OF HERS PLAYING WHEN SHE DOES SO was heartbreaking, to say the least.

  3. Sakura is the loneliest character in Da Capo II, I really felt for her when I played the scenario. Sometimes I’d rather have her die because living those long years of loneliness is a fate worse than death IMO.

  4. @Owen: Oh I know. I have it on my ipod and whenever it comes up I just go TT
    @Bluemist: I think that I have to agree with you. Maybe with the tree wilting a second time she’ll finally be human again.

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