Artist: Sayori


Sayori is one of the few Chinese artists who has achieved (relative) fame and success in Japan and overseas. She is worshiped by people in Chinese forums, her dakimakuras sell faster than hotcakes, and I desperately want one of her sold-out artbooks.

This is a little introduction to her.By going through her Doujin circle (neko works)’s site, I’ve come to realize just how greatly she has improved over a very short period of time.

20020522-mimiThis is one of her earliest drawings, dating back to 2002. As you can see, this is just slightly above most people who wanted to to copy styles that they’ve seen in anime. The anatomy’s messed up and there’s very little detail in the clothing.

20050824-neroelsaHere in 2005, the artwork is still largely inconsistent, but there’s a huge amount of improvement already.

20071031-angel2007 marks a turning point in her work, as she began to put in delicate details in her clothing, put in backgrounds, and most importantly, start using the soft and brilliant coloring that becomes her trademark.

To come this far in 5 short years… I can’t say that I’m not jealous…

Besides her talent with drawing, she’s also fluent in both Chinese and Japanese. She has worked with Japanese games, sold various doujins (a list can be found on her site), and is even the cover artist for the new Sound Horizon album.

It seems that her artbooks are too scarce and precious for anyone to scan it (I would easily pay double the original price to get my hands on one of those things, I understand why people wouldn’t want to ruin their copy in otder to get scans ),  so sadly, the I can only show you (in a half way decent quality) some of her art. Luckily, even through this meager collection, you can appreciate how talented she is.

546736868954935259987324As you can tell, when she’s detailed, she’s VERY drtailed. I am absolutely amazed by her brilliant fashion sense, and I love the small details such as the butterfly on the bottom of the shoe.

1715748She seems to be a big fan of Tyme moon. By the say, this happens to tbe the cover of her latest doujin.

187493422888412364000241795720080430-moon20080423-rinneI hope that I can get lucky enough to get one of her artbooks someday…


8 thoughts on “Artist: Sayori

  1. Once again, you picked an artist who isn’t from Japan. That’s good stuff. Way to promote talented artists from around the globe :).

    It’s cool how you showed her earliest drawings. I guess everyone has to start from somewhere.

    But I still really like hotcakes.

  2. Her Art is so beautiful… You sure know your artists but looking at her earlier drawing just makes me feel so much better lol.. someday you will be a great artist choux you have all my love ❤ Happy Holidays!!

  3. Whoa, A Chinese artist, and one that I’ve never heard of. I recognize that Lunar Legend image, but had no idea who the artist was. It’s great picking up these relatively unknown talents. And THAT much improvement in 5 years? Curses…T~T

  4. Very nice, the attention to detail in the hair wins it for me. Improving that much in 5 years, that’ll be my goal too then. Two more years to go for me haha.

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  6. Japanese culture is contagious.
    And this is merely one of the myriad of examples..
    Of course, I am not trying to imply it as a bad factor, but I am just going to add that out there…

  7. She is amazing, I found out about her 10 hours or so ago. I adore her already, she inspires me to try harder when it comes to drawing.

    How in the world did she learn to draw like that? Does anyone know if she took an art class or something, I ish very envious (in a good way) ❤

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