Wanko to kurasou: finished


Well, to my surprise, there was actually a bit of story in this. The main character has an interesting history and a very interesting outlook on life. The art is nice, but it’s one of those games where the scg look better than the event CG. The music is pretty good not not spectacular. They’ve thrown in a bit of drama, so while it wasn’t great, it actually wasn’t too bad once you got past the numerous h-scenes.

I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone though.

6 thoughts on “Wanko to kurasou: finished

  1. “Numerous H-scenes”, huh. What’s the story:porn ratio like anyway? I’m going to assume that it’s a far cry from F/sn’s 20 hours:20 minutes per route thing

  2. Very, very far. In the beginning it was normal, but after a while it slowly falls into a 5/3 ratio. 3/4 if you count the scenes that’s used as an excuse for an h-scene.

  3. @m12: Poor Haruhi…
    @Eternal: I couldn’t get through Snow Sakura (too bored) and actually skipped much of the dialogue, so in comparison I actually prefer this one.

  4. After playing it for some time, Mikan seems to be real irritating, naive and having mid or if not, low level intelligence despite the fact she comes from a supposedly ‘intelligent’ breed. Although the story’s kinda lame at times except for the part which they rescue silvie and mikan’s gone missing, the i’ll give it a 3/5 for its perfect art and cg^^

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