Missing body part(s)

vlcsnap-386830Generally, they are only missing certain parts on their chest, but in this case, Setsuna’s missing both (or all 5, if you want to be specific). This is not the first time that I’ve seen this. The first time was in bleach… I still remember how shocked I was back then…

Why can’t they just avoid it like in Earl and Fairy?

I’m SURE that there’s some kind of joke you can make with this and Maria+holic, but I can’t remember it right now, just pretend I wrote it here, okay?

P.S.: greatly enjoyed Maria holic, if the nest episode’s just as good it’ll be my ef replacement.

P.P.S.: I can’t believe this is the last thing I’m writing for this year!


8 thoughts on “Missing body part(s)

  1. @Aizen: isn’t one’s manhood made of more than 1 part? Besides, think of the one thing that are almost never drawn on men (well, I saw it on Kamina, but that’s the sole exception), the 2 things that are almost always censored on girls, things that fans pray for in DVD releases, that’s obvious enough, right?

  2. I’m still lost 😐 If you think of the manhood in different parts, isn’t that 3 still? And as for girls, it’s their womanhood and their tits… Ok yea, that’s 5. That took awhile for me to comprehend :]

  3. Oh my, what a way to end the year 😛

    The can’t avoid it because they need to provide some fanservice and shock value for the series to be really popular.

  4. @ Choux, they did do a great job with the Ed for Hakushaku to Yosei and I always do find it weird when they are missing ahem parts.

    But they’ve always done that with Gundam, probably something to do with what time it airs on t.v over there I’m sure.

  5. @kitsune: I’m SHOCKED alright…
    @Sakura: Yeah, I remember when I was still oh so young and watching gundam seed. When certain characters showed up in shiny spirit form they didn’t have anything either…

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