The worst thing about Princess Waltz

I’m only in chapter 12, but I’ve already realized the one thing that really annoys me in this game: how stupid Arata is.

It took me 5 seconds to realize that Christ is a girl, and I just CANNOT believe how dense his brain is and how slowly he processes information. On top of everything he did to Christ, Liliana, and Suzushiro, he actually carried a piratically naked woman who has tried to kill him before to her hotel and faint there.

Christ’s personality isn’t that endearing either, but aside from that this game is very entertaining, bland main characters are acceptable if the story’s good. After all, the devil is in the details and the side characters make the story.

liliana-2P.S.: I’m starting to really like Liliana now. My favorite characters are often those who are energitic and comedic at first glance but has a more complex character underneath, and she’s starting to fit that mould quite well. Ah, the scent of a bittersweet romance is blossoming…


13 thoughts on “The worst thing about Princess Waltz

  1. Congratulations! I loved ever17. The reason I’m playing everything now is because winter break is going to be over on Monday and I want to finish everything, so I’m actually procrastinating on homework to play. ~~~~(>_<)~~~~

  2. i think its fair enough that arata is… like that. he has the innocent mind of a young boy, so it’s understandable that his mind isn’t too inquisitive about whether chris is a boy or girl. to arata, chris would’ve been a boy that looked like a girl and he wouldn’t have looked into it. an example of that statement: when chris was in the cheerleader outfit and one of the girls said something along the lines of “if someone told me that he was a girl i’d believe it.” they have no reason to question chris’ gender – it’s almost second nature to believe something like that (i’m a boy, by the way… believe me, don’t you?), because its one of those things thats 99.99% of the time pointless to lie about. how often does someone lie about their gender in real life when they’re face to face talking to you? the difference with you, the reader/player, is that you were instinctively trying to find a plot twist and figuring out what the next part of the story would be.

  3. I played this a long time ago and my memory’s fuzzy, so forgive me if I make any mistakes. I seem to remember that due to the way the game was set up Arata, as a character, was forced to develop relationships with the girls while being oblivious to the effect that his actions had on them so that he can conveniently develop relationships with the desired girl at the end of the game. This was not only bad planning in my eyes, but it also made Arata feel like an idiot who couldn’t realize the fact that a person fell in love with him. Of course, as a girl I’m outraged, but it doesn’t matter whether this was due to poor planning or poor writing, The impression that Arate left on me was that he was stupid, considerate and inconsiderate at all the wrong times, and much of the time had to rely on others to make rational decisions, and that’s that.

  4. i understand where you’re coming from and i think it’s just how we interpret the story differently… and here’s mine (i know you’re dying to hear it :P) the whole idea of the ‘princess waltz’ competition (with the eldhin thing aside) was to find one princess for the prince, arata, and the other five were bound to be left feeling dissapointed in the end. i think that every princess had already grasped that concept/the rules of the waltz and knew what they were risking. so, to me, arata not really shown to be acknowedging the princesses’ feelings was kind of justified since the princesses were all aware of the fact that they were all still competing for arata’s affection anyway – a contest that iris won as she had the last remaining tiara. when arata does pick a princess in the end, i think they’re (arata and the princess) only doing it for chris’ sake, the waltz’s victor (since chris was technically a princess of soldia, like iris was, i just looked at iris as soldia’s representative and chris did fight in the waltz as iris a few times.)

  5. That’s the problem! It doesn’t matter who wins in the end, there’s never a reason (in my eyes) that justifies the fact that their feelings didn’t get across. Even if they know that they might lose the chance to marry the prince, isn’t it fair to have the boy they love understand their feelings?

  6. Hat take that person that doesn’t agree with me!
    Have a wall of text! (but seriously… I write to much.)

    Actually, if you want to be technical about then Chris wasn’t a Princess of Soldia, she was he Prince everyone was competing for. No matter what her gender might have been, since she was acknowledged the prince that is what she was. Arata actually participated in the Waltz as Iris just as much as his sister Chris did so he would technically also be considered a princess. Both of the two Chris have the same lineage from Soldia, but Arata would actually be closer to being the legitimate Soldia representative since his mother (Chris mother’s older sister) was the older sister and the crown princess of her family.

    Now as for Arata being stupid? I actually thought he seemed smarter and more likable than other male leads from line of anime/games. Only time I start disliking him is at the seconds too last chapter when you as a player end up having to be with one of the other girls in order to save Chris. While I figure this is some sort of Harem resolution to the whole thing it makes Arata (whom had seemed sympathetic up until that chapter) to come off as an oaf.

    So what is really considered the true ending?

    Well based on all the endings I guess we can say that Arata probably ended up bedding ALL of the princesses(except the original Iris) in order to save his prince. Imagine a world centered around 7 central with two Price Chris, neither of them wearing the crown.
    In public the female Chris would be the one taking most of the command, but in the bedchamber it would be somewhat of a reverse. (Didn’t Robert Jordan use this concept?) And then all the Princesses would caper to them to curry favor.

    While we are at it, the game conveniently chose to gloss over and totally ignore one important thing. While it is stressed several times that Sizuka being Arata’s sister (although not biological) and how close they are… they never really touch on the subject of the real incest in the game. Depending on your choices you can chose not to engage in sexual activities with your adopted sister, but the game “forces” you to have sex with your real sister. (ahe’s his cousin too and probably second or third cousin on their fathers side since it was mentioned that Arata’s fathers mother had also been a first princess of Soldia.)

    But that subject is never touched upon. I really would have liked to see a scene with Arata realizing exactly who he had been doing the dirty with. Although I guess that wouldn’t have mattered too him in the story. After all I recall him telling Chris at one time that “boy or girl, Christ is Chris”. Which could probably apply to the other as well; “Sister or not, Chris is Chris”.

    The whole “love” concept in the game is really well done though. While I would have REALLY liked to have seen more of a scene showing Suzusiro angsting over Christ when she realized her Prince true gender… it was still pretty sweet when she told Arata that her Prince gender didn’t change her feelings for her.

    So Arata has a bond to Chris with both of them being really close brother and sister and him loving her as his closest friend, his lover and … well his number one. (told to RunRun).
    He never says he loves her outright and muses over his feelings for her, but I think this cements the feeling even more since it is described instead.

    RunRun seems to be number two. As a lover and possibly a confidante.
    Sizuka seems to be more of a forbidden sexual love and somewhat of a mother figure to him.
    Suzusiro seems to be … a really close person to him… possibly viewed as a good friend and a rival for Chris love…
    and Angela… If I recall correctly he TELLS Angela that he loves her in their sex scene. This was a bit disturbing to me since everything leading up to that scene indicated that he was bonding with the girls to save Chris. Since he didn’t express his love in terms of feelings but just outright said it, it seems likely he told Angela what she wanted to hear. In other words, he probably just saw Angela as somebody he had to use 😦 poor Angela.
    Oh and I almost forgot, Rizel… it seems he just felt sorry for her while admiring her determination and spirit.

    So aside from Arata’s “oafturn” what bothered me about this otherwize excellent game? well…

    1. I wish it had been much longer. I really loved it.
    2. more school-scenes and interactions. There was so DAMN MUCH potential they could have used simply just addressing Chris crossdressing.
    3. More info on the rest of the class and the neighborhood. Nodoka was his childhood friend… and her family own a dojo… but she is just “there”. That is just sad.
    4. More male characters and more classmates please. Also, they should have shown some teachers and maybe the principal.
    5. Why didn’t they give us more info in Seven central? We were told it was a fantasy land but that it apparently was very similar to Earth. So taht would mean there was magic and flying ships like in Final Fantasy? Or maybe it was closer to the land Princess Maker takes place in? Instead of the last battle taking place in the school building it would have been better if a large chunk of the second arc had taken place in the fantasy land.
    6. Speaking of which … the second arc seemed rushed and wasn’t fun at all (it became fun when Chris showed up in the end again)
    7. What happened to the photographs? It almost seemed as if it was a plotpoint that the game makers forgot to use. Remember the photos they took of Chris when she was in the cheerleader outfit? Well after the photos were taken all the girls asked for photos of her. Nodoka even mentioned something about making a key. When Chris died everyones memories of her were wiped with magic… but what about the photos? when Rizel showed up again Nodoka suddenly remembered her again… so if anyone of them found the pictures of Chris they should have remembered her as well. Her being in a cheerleader outfit they would probably have remembered her as a girl though and not a boy.
    8. Again… I wish the other Princesses would have had more of a reaction to finding out about Chris real gender. But non of them really did…
    9. When Chris(boytype) meets Chris(girltype) as a kid, what happened after he had comforted his sister? Did they find out they were siblings? He told her he was also a Prince… Of course they couldn’t have been more than 4 years old at the time so they probably didn’t put much thought into such things. On the other hand I remember I was very aware of my brother when I was that age. So, I would have liked seeing some more flashbacks from that time… maybe having them both remember their shared past. Did they only really meet that one time? And what about their father? While making the devision to kill the female Chris must have been terrible for him and later having his male child die instead… I can’t help but feel that he must have cared for his children. Of course there is nothing that says he did, he might have been a rotten bastard. But what if he wasn’t? No, I really would have liked seeing them travel to the lands of 7central and maybe there find a letter or something addressed to his children.
    10. Again yeah, I would have liked seeing them travel to 7central, I would have loved seeing the reactions from the palace guards, the priests and other high officials. the reaction of the countries themselves and so on… so much potential…

    Speaking of which in my opinion Chris is probably the best ero game heroine I’ve ever seen… in fact she is waaaaaaaaaay better than 90% of all female leads I’ve seen in any movie, anime or whatever. Your mileage may vary I guess… What makes her interesting I guess os probably what annoys many other people. For onel thing… lets get it straight…
    Chris is NOT a tomboy, she is NOT a crossdresser and she is NOT a Tsundere.
    While she shares some qualities with all these three some interesting facts are: She isn’t a tomboy or a crossdresser because her view of herself was always that as a guy. While she knew her technical gender ever since she was small she always considered herself a prince. She was/is a prince but due to her country having the wanting a male emperor she equaled being a man with being a prince. Hence she couldn’t be a prince if she wasn’t a man. So she isn’t pretending to be a guy, she is a guy that is a girl.
    And she isn’t a Tsundere because her anger is not that we see “righteously” angry girls beating up guys, Chris acts and reacts like a guy would in her situation.

    So what is so interesting about this? Well for one thing I am absolutely fed up with all these cardboard characters that are created to appeal to certain groups of people. Tomboys, lolis, tsundere, yandere, meganeko, crossdressers, and many more. While Chris is a reverse trap, unlike other reverse traps I’ve seem.. she doesn’t act like girls are depicted in other stories (even when being tomboys or reverse traps.) I guess that is why so many people dislike her too… because she doesn’t fill their cardboard fantasies of how a girl should be/is.
    Actually it is depressing, even in real life girls seem to fall victim of being cardboards instead of being real people. Ignore the puns please.

    Ah back to Chris. So with Chris lamenting over her own sexuality she decides that having sex didn’t matter since it didn’t change who she was. Of course this is when Arata decides that Sex is a big deal… so he wants to force her to not be a Prince. Even though she tells him that he is “talking her prince away from her” the bastard Arata ignores her and says he can be that Prince for her… I guess what he is saying is that she doesn’t always have to be strong because he will be there, but at the same time what kind of message is that? rely on others instead of your own strength? I guess you can accept others strength but we already had that in the game when Arata helped Chris when they both were Iris… he wanted to be with her… that was basically what it all boiled down too. She wanted to be with him as well but I think he should have made his intentions clear in some other way. Told her she wouldn’t lose her Prince and she would always be the Prince. Even a Prince could allow themselves to be loved and surrender to their own feelings. After all that was what Arata was doing. But nope, he had to say it another way. Stupid Arata >_>

    And for the coup d’ grace… what really makes Chris interesting? While Arata is the male protagonist he doesn’t really do ANYTHING except be there and watch things unfold. (except for a few select scenes) Even in the second arc he doesn’t do all that much. meanwhile look at Chris. Take her personality and compare it to other cliche MALE protagonists from older ero games. Not the ero games where the hero is a bastard… but ones where he is a sympathetic guy.
    Notice how similar her personality is to them? Hell she even ends up in situations like them.
    Everything from misunderstandings like walking into the girls changingroom, being fawned over by most of the female cast, having a childhood little sister-type possessive girlfriend, being forced to wear girl clothes, chocking on food, having a food guessing competition, being admired as a badass dude by the other guys in class, calling the maid and old lady/hag(even though she doesn’t look old) and even having one or two scenes where you get to see HER thoughts from her POV. I guess she really did suck up all the male prince glimmer from her brother when they were born and they got half each,… and later when Arata(2nd Chris) got killed and Chris(girltype)got both halves. In short Chris was the real main character of the game, and Arata even though a guy, was basically the 6th Princess that was dancing for her.

  7. .I dont care what u guys all think but I really love the story about game and I finished this game only 2 days( I did not sleep ) . It doesnt matter if how Arata really a jackass but he pure heart innocent. The part that I like this game is that when Arata was really suprised that Chris was a girl ( Doesnt mean i just know, I knew it would be like this ), Anyway the worst thing is that Arata loves all princesses but in the end he turned his back to Chris. I really wished that Chris would be Arata’s wife but there is goin to be 2 PRINCES

    • The shitty fandisc takes a dump on everything that made the game great. It makes Chris weak because Arata absorbs all the glimmer and then Chris has to take on the role of The Soldian princess even though Arata is more closely related to said princess. And why? because reasons. Oh and apparently conveniently the whole kingdom will fall apart if she doesn’t and if Arata doesn’t choose a princess as his wife. All of this of course making no sense at all, ignoring everything that made Chris great and giving us some random bullshit. Yes, IRL we have biology and it would have been normal… but in this game the glimmer allowed it to end with “two princes” ruling together. Chris could still have had her brothers child, and in the end… Arata did win the waltz since he was the last one standing.

      So restarting the whole thing was just retarded. The fandisc should not be seen as canon, and it can be ignored since it was just a special story made for the fans. And thank god for that.

      That said, why does Arata and Chris have to marry? There is no need for that as long as they rule together. They are still married in a sense anyway.

  8. I haven’t finished the game yet so what I say may not matter much to those who have but so far I don’t really see a problem. There were instances that I wish some more backstory was developed but never did I not get entertained so far. I see a lot of complaining about Arata but from what I can see, most people are trying to read into him too much. Arata is simply a person who wants others to share their burdens and that is why he told Chris that he would be the prince or why he told Suzushiro and Liliana what he thinks the Waltz is all about. He is trying to create something new here. If I were Arata, I would raise it even further to the point that I would challenge the rules of Seven Central.

    The way Arate is designed and how he fits in the story is actually not a bad thing. He doesn’t really play favorites because he simply tells the princesses what he really feels in his heart at the time he’s talking with them. Thus, he is more prone to be oblivious to some of the princesses initial liking for Arata. He probably realizes that they have acknowledged him instead but it does not mean that a romantic relationship registers with him.

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