Toradora 7 – Pool Opening


Do you want me?

So I’m sure everyone was probably expecting that Taiga would completely lose it after walking in on Ryuji and Ami in such a compromising position. But instead, she stands there dumbfounded as Minorin calls to her from outside before finally yelling out to her best friend that no one is home.


Ryuji really wants it…

Ami wonders if she has to lie because she doesn’t want to admit another girl is at Ryuji’s place as he frantically tries to get Ami to tell Taiga nothing is really going on but Taiga doesn’t really stick around to hear it…


One for the girls.

Even later Taiga seems to be in a daze about the whole thing as Ryuji attempts to apologize and explain. He’s so worried about the situation that he ends up sleeping in late and they have to make a mad dash to the convenience store for food if they want to eat at school.


Smack ma bitch up.

Ami is all smiles when they finally get to class as she thanks Ryuji for helping her out the day before although Taiga isn’t impressed as she smacks the flirty model with her bag.


Minorin wants to be a fitness instructor.

Taiga is about to respond to Ami’s accusation of jealousy regarding the incident from the previous day, but Minorin prevents her from doing so when she decides to use her for weight training.


The memory of Ami’s ass is burned onto Taiga’s retinas and won’t go away.

Class starts and the teacher’s announcement about the pool opening totally freezes Taiga. But the best part of this scene is probably the reaction of the class teacher listening to the young girls bitch about their imperfect bodies.


Ami picks out a suit for Taiga.

Minorin and Ryuji drag Taiga out shopping for a new swimsuit as if that wasn’t bad enough; Ami is also along for the shopping trip. The model of course makes sure to make Taiga feel inadequate every chance she gets.


Aww its okay Minorin she has a great rack but not your personality.

But even Minorin can’t help feeling as if she comes up short against Ami when she models her swimsuit in front of her and Ryuji.


One for the boys.

Ami’s preening soon gets boring for Ryuji though and he goes to check on Taiga. Who drags him into her changing room; she’s despondent but ends up buying the swimsuit anyway.


Taiga’s inner perv escapes.

Taiga’s misery continues through until dinnertime and its thanks to Yasuko’s drink that Ryuji finally figures out why the small girl is so upset about her swimsuit.
Before Yasuko leaves, she downs a soy drink that Ryuji makes for her, explaining to Taiga that something in it helps to keep her breasts large.


I just love Taiga’s face in this shot, its by far the best one she’s ever pulled.

Taiga scrambles around on the ground for the beans Ryuji used for the drink.


Flat chested.

Later at her apartment, she models the swimsuit for Ryuji and shows him a picture taken of her the previous year. Someone rather meanly wrote pitiful breasts on it since she’s really flat chested and can’t even fill out an extra small.

Poor Taiga cries her eyes out at the thought of wearing that swimsuit in front of Kitamura and Ryuji unable to take it anymore says he will figure out a way to help her. Saying he’ll find a way for her to be comfortable showing her breasts to Kitamura…


Ryuji is the best housewife EVER!

You would think that considering Ryuji is sewing breast pads for Taiga I would be laughing like a crazy person. Instead, the scene had me smiling because I found it so wonderfully sweet. She apologizes to Ryuji for being so stubborn and he just smiles softly, the friendship between these two has come so far and it really was a beautiful moment.


Ami gets those girls out where all can see them.

Ami gets changed before Taiga and marches confidently out to show off her figure in her suit.


That’s right, worship me bitches.

The next day at the pool Ami laps up the attention and praise she receives from everyone and Ryuji blushes adorably when he sees Minorin in her suit. She isn’t as confidant about her appearance though and jumps into the pool saying that while she’s in there no-one will be able to see her belly!


Taiga feels empowered.

Inevitably, Ami tries to embarrass Taiga saying she thought she would be embarrassed to come out in a loose suit. Once Taiga removes her towel though, Ami has to eat her words and the sight of Taiga’s far from flat chest delights the boys in the pool.
Taiga and Ryuji are happy about their victory over Ami but Minorin knows that something is up.


This is the boys view from the pool XD.

Taiga ends up hiding under her towel though as Kitamura comes over. He’s not entirely sure its her he’s looking at since he doesn’t have his glasses, but he says she’s the same size as Taiga. He gets the wrong idea as to why she is hiding, telling her the hairstyle is like Mickey Mouse and not bad.


Toss the Taiga.

The boys are a little annoyed at all the attention Kitamura is getting from the girls and decide to toss him in the pool. This seems to give Minorin and Kitamura the idea to do the same to Ryuji who was sitting on the side with Taiga. She’s amused that he got tossed in but doesn’t have too long to laugh over it as Ami comes up and throws her in the pool.


Can it really be considered copping a feel if there is nothing to feel?

Ryuji tells Ami to go easy but she just laughs it off, but Ryuji remembers the previous night when Taiga had at first claimed she was upset because she couldn’t swim. As Ryuji watches her flail around, he wonders if she might have been telling the truth despite having really been upset about being flat chested.

He goes racing out to save her but she continues to flail about wildly once he has a hold of her. She’s mortified because one of the breast pads fell out and seeing her so upset, Ryuji does the only thing he can think of to placate her.

Pulling her under the surface, Ryuji grabs the errant breast pad and puts it back into place…


For some reason I just really love this shot of Minorin.

Once the incident is over Ami apologies about throwing Taiga in the pool saying that she didn’t know that Taiga couldn’t swim. By this point of course Taiga could give a crap about Ami, she’s more pissed at Ryuji and demands that he apologize. Ignoring Taiga’s outbursts Ami tells Taiga that she will never have an affinity for the pool or sea and then asks Ryuji if he wants to spend time at her villa by the seaside during the summer. The question stuns Ryuji and so Ami then asks if it would be okay if Kitamura came.

This really annoys Taiga who tells Ami to stop making decisions by herself and she once again threatens to leak the pictures of Ami doing those impressions in her apartment. A nervous Ami tells Taiga that if she does that then she’ll have to sue her.

Finally, Minorin breaks up the argument saying they’ll get hurt if they fight and tells them to solve the dispute through sports!

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    Um… I’ll read the post after I wake up.

    … Not that I’m sleeping right now, but I will be soon. With it being late and all. Fucking hell, 3:50 AM ALREADY?


  2. LOL why are you up so damned late?

    And the Naruto post is started, but dorama from back home interrupted it, so I’ll probably have it up tomorrow night.

  3. @ Hoshi, Yep NEXT episode 🙂

    @ ghostlightning, as long as you get the artist put into the witness protection program. Because Taiga will go ballistic when she sees the picture!

  4. What is Taiga’s appeal? She’s small? So was Tony Spilotro. She’s cute? So was Ted Bundy. An abusive, entitled rich girl who never truly helps Ryuji with anything, save to execute some selfish plan or another. Never thanks him, bails on him when he needs her, and to finish it all off- beats him up after he finally has the courage to admit he loves her. Another part that gets me, is she’s so awful that I begin to dislike Ryuji for always going back. Please, someone prove me wrong. All I get are idiot lolicons calling me names, show me something different.

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