Naruto 430 – Naruto’s Return


He’s back bitches!


Naruto’s frog posse.


This is Konoha?

After a long drawn out battle in which Pein has pretty much leveled Konoha our boisterous blond ninja has finally returned. Not that he knows where he is once he sets foot back home considering the destruction Pein has wreaked upon the place.


Tsunade has protected her people.

At least he won’t have to worry about the citizens of Konoha thanks to Tsunade. However, he may need to worry about the current Hokage since she released her Souzou Saisei technique and used all her chakra to protect everyone in the village through her slugs.


Hmmm a slug protected Kakashi…

We get a nice shot of a slug on Kakashi, which gives me hope, after all, why would a slug protect someone who was already dead.


Here we go again.

Pein resurrects the Asura Realm body that Kakashi helped take out which annoys Konan. Since focusing on one body like that is risky and means it takes longer for the other bodies to recover.
Animal Realm Pein performs a jutsu and all the Pein bodies appear before Tsunade.


Enter Naruto.

The resurrected Asura Realm body flies at her but Naruto amazes everyone when he destroys it with one hit.
Kinda like Sakura did with that summons early on in the attack.


Those who came before.


Hmm looks like you’re losing a fangirl Sasuke-kun, oh well you still have Karin XD.

Sakura seems very impressed and the frogs see images of the Fourth and Jiraiya as they say it looks like Naruto has surpassed his predecessors.


Bring it bitches!.

OMG I’ve never been so happy to see the loudmouthed blonde because all the Pein stuff was really starting to get old. Especially with his uber badass power level so it’s nice to see that someone can lay the smackdown on him.

Although I have to say it almost seems like its come out of left field. I know we saw Naruto training and all, but the chapters with his training never really gave the impression that Sage mode was as impressive as its turned out to be.

It certainly didn’t seem like it would be enough to topple Pein given he’s powerful enough to level an entire village. Maybe it is because resurrecting the other body really weakened him, I dunno.

YES finally some movement forward in the manga, sage training is finally over!


Oh and here is a chibi Sasuke to placate Maggeh since there is no chapter next week, apparently.


18 thoughts on “Naruto 430 – Naruto’s Return

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  2. @Kitsune, its totally a nice shot. I swear this guy on deviantart drew a picture like that almost a year ago. Hubby commissioned a Naruto picture for me from him and its amazing, he really can mimic Kishimoto’s style.

    And yay for Chibi Sasuke!

    @Choux, hahahaha it totally does. I’m not sure I like the frog eyes that much…

  3. @ Totally! He’s grown some but Gamakichi still has a ways to go before he reaches the size of his dad.

    I have on my work lanyard two little charms, one is Pakkun and one is Gamakichi XD

  4. Messiah complex. Kishimoto is trying to turn Naruto into the savior archetype, and he’s not doing it all too well.

    Arriving just on the brink of destruction, the hero wreaks havoc upon his foes! When all his comrades have been defeated, he alone stands against the overwhelming odds. A representative of the future generation, he appears when things are at their darkest, and proves to his peers the might of the savior!

    Fuck you, Kishimoto. Fuck you to hell.

    Tsunade couldn’t take on one Pain body, and then you have Naruto destroy it in one fucking hit. One. Fucking. Hit. Let me repeat, Kishimoto, one fucking hit.

    … Frankly, I’m way too tired of this bullshit to rage any further. If this shit keeps up, Naruto will become yet another example of Inuyasha and Prince of Tennis – something I couldn’t really give a shit about, despite my vow to stick with it to the end.

    Just… just fuck you, Kishimoto. At this rate, not even Sasuke will be enough to keep me a reader. I stopped being a fan ages ago.

  5. This is serious, even a piccie of Sasuke-kun couldn’t calm you. Not that I blame you. Sage training just really didn’t seem to compare to the power Pain had.

    I guess that little scene with Konan saying how much power the jutsu required was maybe his way of saying that Naruto was more than likely fighting a weaker Pain and Tsunade pretty much drained herself defending the village.

    It wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t just had Pain destroy an entire village. But my exhibiting that kind of power it really does make it sort of unbelievable that Naruto can just come in with one hit and BOOM.

    What’s Madara capable of then, if he’s running the show, destroying half the world? If thats the case then what the hell does he need Akatsuki for.

    I’m a glutton for punishment and I’ve invested a lot of time in Naruto so I’ll probably finish it like I did InuYasha…

  6. I agree,
    I thought it was amazing how Asura Pein had a head start along with Rocket Boots, and Naruto manages to speed-blitz Asura Pein in the blink of an eye and deliver and instantaneous Rasengan.

    Whom else agrees that Naruto is currently the strongest Ninja alive in the Manga? Madara Uchiha has nothing on the loud-mouthed ninja of awesomeness.

  7. I’m a recent fan of Naruto. And based on my understanding so far, Pein’s philosophy of “peace” comes from their (or at least some of Akatsuki members’) common experiences when it comes to suffering from the effects of war–losing their parents or becoming orphans (like Sasori, Pein, Konan). They probably think that maybe having a monopoly on war means controlling it–and probably, ending it. And yet at the expense of many lives–just like the premise in Watchmen, “killing millions to save billions”– it is a cold hard decision that makes sense and yet warped at the same time.

  8. @SL, new fans are always welcome especially such rational and intelligent ones such as yourself. 🙂 I agree that Pein’s objective is to more than likely end war by taking control of the world even if that means crushing more lives in the process.

    If he wants to do that, whatever, but by acting like the ninja’s of konoha know nothing of the brutality of war he’s trivializing all the suffering they have gone through.

    Killing innocents to get what he wants, makes him no better than those he despises.

    Pein wants peace but peace already existed for Konoha, they didn’t need, nor require his intervention.

    It is warped view for sure made even more warped by the fact that he doesn’t care that innocent bystanders had to suffer. In fact he’s really twisted because while he wants peace, from what he told Tsunade HE WANTED THOSE PEOPLE TO SUFFER!

    The Gundam Meisters of Celestial Being, know that their actions cause the suffering of others, but carry out their actions believing it is necessary for the greater good. The difference between them and Pein however is that they don’t ‘WANT’ those people to suffer. Plus its not like they attack civilians, they stick to military targets.

    Lelouche from Code Geass as crazy as he can be at times does have compassion. While he too understands that innocents will get caught up in the push for change its not like he wants these poor people to suffer.

    Basically I’m saying that Pein is nothing more than a bully who got hurt and is trying to make himself feel better by hurting others. His actions aren’t really about changing the world but about making himself feel better.

    I can understand fighting the ninja’s of Konoha, but there was no reason to drag the civilians into the fight by destroying the village. Without Tsunade’s intervention they would have died.

    What’s the point of creating a new utopia, if you’ve slaughtered everyone who would live in it?

  9. I guess in the end of this long series, Naruto (when he becomes a hokage) will have to be the one to end all wars, along with Gaara, I suppose… and at long last, achieve peace the right way. But then, without war, ninjas like them will be out of work. anyway, they can always rescue a cat trapped in a tree, i guess. hehe! Thanks Sakura!

  10. @ SL, LOL I can just imagine all the jounin weeding lawns and rescuing kittens, they’d be so damned bored.

    They’ll be showing off their latest jutsu only to have someone tell them, “oh that’s cool, but blowing crap up isn’t gonna help you find this ladies dog or something :)”

    And thank you for the great comment you left 🙂

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