Snow is the reason for this Princess waltz review

cg020I ‘m supposed to be in school right now, but the snow had led to the cancellation to all classes so I’m here with this review/ rant about Princess Waltz.

When it comes to the technical aspects, Princess Waltz is pretty good. The art’s too masculine and blocky, but it’s still fine, the music wasn’t memorable, but it still fit, the opening song was amazing (as expected from elements garden), the voice acting was okay, the system wasn’t bad.

It had the potential to be something great, but noooooooooooooooooooo, it just had to have one of the most boring heroines I’ve ever looked at, bad planning, and an annoying and useless battle system.

Read on if you dare, there are spoilers.

Let’s start with the story, shall we?

It is very linear, with only one ending. However, depending on your choices, you can have a little variation before the ending, namely a few scenes with the heroine of your choice. There’s also an extra epilogue for when you’ve seen all 5 variations. Why is this bad? Because the story basically hadn’t changed, and to get to the last scene I had to waste over 4 hours skipping and going through more battles than I’ve ever wanted to see. More on that later.

While there are 6 heroines, there are only 5 variations, because the game is dedicated to mostly to Christ (who bored me to death), and I guess Pulltop decided that she didn’t need an ending. With the other heroines, the focus on them seems to be abrupt and awkward.

The first half of the game was good. It was funny, the characters were introduced with a bang, and the battles were very exciting. In fact, I’d say that the battle between Liliana and Angela was of epic proportions, almost on par with those in Fate stay night. However, many of the battles in this game are MUCH too long and I admit that I’ve skipped through around half of them.


Christ is, without a doubt, the worst heroine I’ve ever come across. No other heroine has ever annoyed me this much. There was nothing that I found to be interesting about her, and her inner struggles just…bored me. I mean, “I want to be a PRINCE!” Oh please. Her relationship with Arata (the main character)  was very rushed, and because of the way the ending is written, it feels like nothing was solved as she’s still a girl and seeing as the king has died there’s no way that she’ll EVER be a prince, no matter what happens.

There are also some moments in the game that I just didn’t care for. Apparently, Christ was stabbed through the heart, but because his body was taken over by a demon, she didn’t die. Instead, her magical healing powers got transferred to Arata. The the demon said that if the powers got transferred back to Christ’s body, then the demon will win because the powers won’t seal him if it’s within his own body. But of course, Arata ignores that, stabs himself in the heart, gives Christ back her powers, and somehow knocked the demon out of her body and saved the world.

Right, that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


Angela, a more interesting character. Even in the end, we don’t get to know much about her or her background other than the fact that she’s very powerful. Also, there are 2 things that remain mysteries: she was seen training in some place, but we never know what that place is; she seems to have an interest in the beast princess, but we never really know why either (we only have a small glimpse at their encounter). Her battles are always amazing though.

cg024We actually get a bit of back story with Suzuhiro, but not much. We only know that she’s Christ’s childhood friend who’s madly in love with him. I like her personality, mostly because she’s the type that’s stronger than she appears. Her unwavering will (or maybe her stubbornness) impressed me, though the fact that no one has touched her since birth is a bit startling. How can anyone live like that?


Shizuka… the moment that I saw her put on an apron, I thought that she had great potential. with the 2 types of characters I like, Shizuka is of the latter, which is the type who is “cool”. Who are strong without question and has a personality to match that power. But,  she faded out of the picture for the majority of the story, so when the story shifted focus on her again, the whole game felt unbalanced. However, her story was ultimately very interesting. I mean, who could have guessed that she was the daughter of a god? Of course, the fact that her dress is Chinese also helps.

cg104Lun lun! She’s my favorite character in this game. She starts out being a comical relief character, but falls in love in the process and really proved her worth in her battle against Angela.

But, as much as I like her, I can’t seem to find anything to say about her…

cg041Liesel, as a character, wasn’t right. First, she made her dress. Doesn’t that mean that she created her own Tiara? Does that mean that her country created all the Tiaras? That would mean that the tiaras weren’t passed down generation to generation, so where were all the other tiaras? It’s been going around for a thousand years, so there should be a roomful of tiaras at this point.

Second: People who can wear the tiara become princesses? Isn’t it supposed to be another way around?

Third: Why does she undergo this change of personality and appearance when she becomes Liesel? No other princess experiences this.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Of course, there are other plot holes. Why does the king of fangs close the gate between the 2 worlds so early? He wouldn’t  have had any reason to do that until Christ had died. Christ’s mother, for some reason, lived on even though her life would bring no benefit to the people who kept her alive.

And lastly, let’s go through something. Christ’s body was taken over by a demon, the demon word clothes. when the demon left, strangely, Christ become naked. Naked with a bet sheet as a cape. Plot holes I can handle, wearing nothing but a cape I cannot.

Capes aside, battles were the worst part of this game.

battleThe battles between the princesses were well written and greatly boosted my enjoyment of the game, but the card battles were little more than useless and annoying. There were no point to them and the game should have offered an option to skip them altogether. What’s more, in order to finish the game, you had to go through the battles again and again and after a while I just grabbed a book and started reading while I was waiting for the screen effects to be over. That’s the second biggest problem about the battles, you have all these effects that are simply a waste of time. Plus, you can’t turn off, and if you switch to another window they just pause until you return to the game.

Peach princess did a pretty good job with the translation, aside from some typos and random characters popping up here and there. Though I have to say that the character descriptions on the website isn’t that good. Not only do they not reflect the characters as well as they could have, the images are actually cut from the game itself, which is a ridiculous, not to mention ugly way of doing things.

Now, some more good things about the game. There are many small subplots within the game, and most of them were pulled off well and connected with the central story. The best would have to be the relationship between Pigeon and Crow.judges I know that this happens much too often, but Pigeon (blue hair)  has now become by favorite shouta.

So, if you didn’t want to read this giant wall of text and just scrolled down, here’s a summary: It’s a good game with great potential, unfortunately much of the potential was wasted. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this game to people, especially if they actually LIKE card battles or don’t mind if the ending doesn’t actually have any fcous.

5 thoughts on “Snow is the reason for this Princess waltz review

  1. Uh oh card battles. I’ve never enjoyed those!

    Hm, I’ve never seen snow before. If only it snowed here, I could’ve skipped some classes :P!

  2. Question: What would you recomend – Princess Waltz or Idols Galore?

    Sure, in comparison to great titles that exist in Japan, Princess Waltz come up really short. Compared to other english visual novel games that exist here, it´s one of the better. Simply put because it doesn´t focus on forcing your character on a girl like well mainly all the other translated visual novel games do 😦

  3. @m12: we should airmail a few tonnes of snow to Australia, that’d balance things out pretty well. (^ω^)
    @Manga: I’ve never played it but it doesn’t look good. If I compared it so all the English commercial games, it’d be within the top 3 games, for sure. But I’m also comparing it in terms of story to anime, manga, novels, and other translated VNs, while with its art I compare it to everything I’ve ever seen. I don’t want a game that I’ve rated as a 7 to be less enjoyable than a manga that I rated as a 6, even if they are in different mediums.
    Besides, I don’t believe that a game can “force” the main character to like a certain character UNLESS the story is linear.
    Anyway, I do think that it’s the betters game that Peach Princess has ever worked on (the only one better is yume miru kusuri), I’m getting more hopeful about English releases now ( I was prepared to just ignore the commercial translations completly by the time x change alternate came out).

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