Tears to Tiara first impressions

There should be an option to skip the battles T.T. I’m going through all of them on auto but takes so long that I”m actually reading a book while reading…

Anyway, despite the not so stellar art (it could have been like this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this, but  leaf picked someone else), the story is very enjoyable.

urusai-urusaiI hope the dense tsundere siscon brother will have more development as the story progresses. (*^__^*) Knowing leaf, this is going to be a good ride.

P.S.: Exams are coming up, so I probably won’t finish this until the middle of Febuary.  (*+﹏+*)~


5 thoughts on “Tears to Tiara first impressions

  1. You know what I want to know? If t his is a official translation or if it is just a patch, doesn´t matter which one of the two it is, but where did you get your hands on it?

    If I may ask that is. Been wanting to play TtT for a long time.

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