It’s not rain anymore, it’s a flood!

The beta of Chaos head, the beta of Fate/hollow antaraxia, the patch of tears to tiara, and now, the patch to the third chapter of Umineko no naku koro ni!

umineko-3This has came out at the worst time. I have to worry about Chinese new years, exams, and a whole bunch of other stuff that won’t get resolved until the middle of February. I’m behind on so many things, and for the first time EVER, I was over a week late for Clannad. By the way, don’t expect anything from me until the end of the month. The thought that Umineko and F/HA is installed on my computer but I can’t play it is killing me!

In case you’re wondering, the title referes to this.


8 thoughts on “It’s not rain anymore, it’s a flood!

  1. I’m on the same boat as my exams are also approaching, on top of that I too celebrate Chinese new year.

    For F/HA, is it SumiSora’s patch? To get it to work on Vista you should try just drag the content of the CDs onto your hard drive instead of trying to install it, it worked for me. I’m not sure if you know but only Eclipse isn’t fully translated (there are minor stuff here and there as well, nothing crucial), and that should be close to the end.

    @M12: Chinese new year is on the 26th this year.

    Good luck on the exams, mine starts in two weeks and won’t end until March -_-

  2. Nvm…

    As I was trying to say yesterday, if you’re using the SumiSora patch, the easier way is to simply drag the contents of your F/HA CD onto your hard drive and run it with apploc. Installing the game failed on my laptop, so that’s what I do, and it works.

    But I’m currently on the same boat as you, got an assignment that’s due soon and exams approaching fast. I guess I’ll have to get more serious after Chinese New Year.

    @M12: Chinese New Year takes place on the 26th this year.

  3. Oh, it installed without a hitch and is running perfectly. Unfortunately the game won’t run with applocale and keeping my computer in the Japanese locale can be a bit annoying.

  4. what do you mean you have to worry about a bunch a stuff? are you postin about this stuff or are you in China and you have exmas and ur tryin to eatch Clannad? I’m UBER confused…

  5. @eternal: I tried going through them but they refused to run on my computer, too bad.
    @mao: a bunch of stuff as in I have a life outside of this blog and that life’s a bit hectic right now.

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