I’m alive!

And I’m not talking about the ending to Kuroshitsuji either. Now that my provincials are over all I have to worry about is my language credits, which has the test in 2 weeks. That means I have a bit more time to catch up on things (like the 5th Kara no kyoukai movie and Clannad).

img_2663To accompany me is 6 pounds worth of Chinese candy (which has the potential to be  better than western candy but sadly has weird things like ginger chews and preserved lemon).

Be prepared for artbook reviews, stuff about c75, some stuff about Clannad, fangirling over 07th expansion, and jokes about sunrise.

I’m looking forward to it.


14 thoughts on “I’m alive!

  1. @The Animanachronism: Oh yes, especially with some wrapped cnadies becuase you can never know what you’re getting.

    @M12: I don’t have any lolies, and there are cheaper places to get them thatn through me ^^

    @GNdynames: Gladly, if you’ll pay chipping and handling.

    @Mr. Asian Sensation: Melamine?

    @lelangir: Omisyth’s right, those things aren’t good at all. They are flabby and soggy and not croissant-ish.

  2. hmm, i may b too late but Good luck with the exams. What’s 07 expansion and c75? Preserved lemons actually sound good……. i like lemons.

  3. Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally sorry if i’ve become annoying with all these comments, but did u and the other users make this website, cuz i just realized there’s not like a main page like most sites…… so am i right? again i’m sorry if i’ve become a nuisance…

  4. @ Mao Hayasaki, no we don’t really have a main page but we do have an author page you can look at.

    You’ll find it on the right hand side underneath all our author icons.

  5. Wow that’s a lot of candies you have there. How are you planning to finish it? Ah where are the chocolates? Candies and chocolates make the world go round! (^_^)

  6. @Mao: 07th expansion is the doujin group that made the higurashi an umineko franchise. c75 is Comicket75.

    @hynavian: It was one of those pick-your-own-bag things, the candy was bought too late and all the chocolate was already gone…

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