This is why toheart2 anotherdays is awesome


“Aliens, psysics, and time travellers are all under your juristicion. This is something that everyone in the class has already accepted.”

Random Haruhi reference FTW!

10 minutes in and I’m already cracking up, mostly because the writers understand that this is a spin off and uses that to its full potential. Because this is a bishoujo game, the male lead has a sizable harem, and by the time anotherdays came around he’s already infamous for it and it’s the root for many hilarious jokes.

I’m going to start with Harumi (the girl above) because I like to start out with the girls with the least potential. I’ve pretty much given up on this one because she’s a clingy airhead with a bust no high school girl should have.

This is going to be so much better than tears to tiara. Especially the art. Have you SEEN how pretty the art for this game is? It’s BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you everyone!


Its my birthday!

So another year, another birthday, but I wanted to thank everyone for all their good wishes, you’ve all helped to make it a great one 🙂

I know I haven’t been around much lately apart from Naruto updates XD

Unfortunately real life is keeping me hella busy. I’m still watching and enjoying Skip Beat and Toradora among others, but am finding I don’t have the time to do the summaries for them. Continue reading

I promised Sunrise Jokes

And I planned to write them, until I saw this.



I decided  to not write anything about Gundam 00 until Marina is killed. And she will be. If she isn’t killed within the actual show I’ll make sure she dies in other places (if Lockon and the Sergei couldn’t live then this useless girl has no right to either). In the meantime I’ll be happily going through my backlog of VNs.


P.S. :Sunrise still can’t get over CLAMP. I’m getting serious tsubasa vibes here.

The progression of Clannad AS

vlcsnap-191991Let’s face it, the pacing of Clannad is really slow right now. After 23 minutes worth of episode 17, I felt like they’ve given me 2 minutes worth of information. Tomoya has changed, Ushio doesn’t have a relationship with her father, and the Furukawas are still kind, caring people.


Right now, I feel like they’ve run out of material for the next 7 episodes and is now trying to spend time by showing excessively long scenes of Ushio and her deformed arms. She’s cute and all but her arms are hideously looking and she reminds me of Fuuko, I really have no interest in when she wants to go to the washroom or whether she likes fried rice or not. Yes, there’s a need to develop the relationship between Ushio and Tomoya, but why can’t be done in any other way? Or better yet, a faster way?

That’s what I thought an episode ago, but boy has my mind changed… Continue reading

It looks like chocolate…but…


Banana, mango yogurt, lemon, milk, ice cubes, pepper juice, red peppers, chocolate, health drink powder, rice ball in wine soup, sliced pig ears, green onions, instant coffee, salted cashews, hazelnuts, prawn crackers, vinegar, maple syrup, jelly, sugar, cola, instant cereal, pepper powder, celery, fried funnel cake-ish kind of thing, vitamin C, pine nuts, vitamin b50, and hot water (and other things that I forgot about or can’t legally mention).

All crushed in a blender and garnished with 2 prawn crackers.

The taste is nothing you can ever imagine.

We, the creators, named it bloody diarrhea.

I nearly died.

Not from the surprisingly sweet taste, not from the bread dough-like smell, not from the barf like after taste, not from the bubbly and suspicious exterior.

And not from the bravery of the 3 idiots who tried this liter of….. stuff.

No, I almost died… of suffocation.


From laughter.