Kara no kyoukai 5

When he said, “I was here”, I felt the tears coming, and when the key dropped onto the floor I was crying (if you have no idea what I’m talking about go and watch Kara no Kyoukai right NOW).

vlcsnap-59845I thought that nothing could top the third movie, but I was WRONG. The build up, the hints, the little inconsistencies added in to warn you of the truth, the climax which hits you like a hammer, the repetition of scenes and events, from the same and from different perspectives, everything comes together to make this movie an amazing experience.

The Yuki Kajiura music is amazing, the fights are wonderfully (if not somewhat strangely) animated and choreographed, the image quality isn’t as good as before but the production values are very high.

And of course, a blushing Shiki is adorable too!

Unfortunately for me, I spotted the goodsmile ryougi Shiki figure at a shop nearby (this is unfortunate because I’m REALLY low on money). The fangirl in me is telling me to stop typing and run to buy her, but the logical part of my brain won’t let me…


5 thoughts on “Kara no kyoukai 5

  1. Fanboy (who has the 1/7 GSC Ryougi Shiki) says to Fangirl:

    Skip a few lunches….it/she’s worth it and might as well lose some weight at the same time =P

    At least that’s what I did, and totally guilt free at that too!

  2. wow Choux you hit the spot on writing this article. IT IS THE BEST ANIME EVER XD!
    Plus there are some few stuff that you don’t expect from watching the movie that everything goes into piece if you watch most of the 4th ones that came out(i tried getting my gf watching this but she was like “WHat is this surposed to mean??”) anyways such a perfect movie and almost no flaws in the directing

  3. yea…. i searched this on Wikipedia nad they said it was a thriller…. I AM ODDICIALLY WATCHHING THIS!! so, there are only movies, and not episodes? i wanna make sure before i start watchin

  4. @eric: I know what you mean. It’s just not something to watch in a large group but has to be savoured alone instead.

    @mao: yes, this is a series of 7 movies.

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