Artist: Ikegami Akane


Later edit: Err…  I just noticed that I wrote Ikigami Akane. It’s actually Ikegami. Sorry ’bout that.

池上茜, also knows as Akane makes revolution (TMR fans are laughing right now), Ikegami Akane is a rather popular artist with strong doujin ties and a sizable amount of commercial work. Her art is praised as being very moe, and since I just saw her Touhou doujin 珠玉演舞, I saw a great reason to write up a post about her. Internet explorer (which I avoid unless there are no other options) ate my post and I had to write it again so you better pay attention to this one.

04This picture was only something that I stumbled across, but the moment I saw it I KNEW that this one had talent, that she would eventually become on of my favorite artists.

If there’s one thing that makes an artist endearing to a fan, it’s fanart. And fanart is something that This particular artist makes on a regular basis. Over the years she has churned out Lucky star, Fate/stay night, Code geass, Futakoi, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Toheart 2, Kanon, Tsukihime, The melanholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Touhou, Little busters, Da capo, he is my master, School days, Hayate the combat butler, Nanoha, Zero no tsukaima, and many others.




moe-18274-fate_testarossa-ikegami_akane-mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha-takamachi_nanohaAs far as I know, she has worked on 3 games, but as far as I know, none of them has made too big a buzz. However, the game CGs and still nice to look at.



moe-17397-ikegami_akaneWhen I saw her art at first, I (and many others) thought that the artist was Misato Mitsumi. We couldn’t help it, their art is very similar (though Ikegami Akane isn’t as bad as Takane Kyourin).

061Misato Mitsumi

moe-10959-fixme-ikegami_akaneIkegami Akane







moe-1940-fate_stay_night-ikegami_akane-illyasviel_von_einzbern-type_moon (I can’t believe I almost passed up a chance to put to an Ilya picture)

Her smooth coloring and adorable character designs will continue to capture the hearts of thousands, her doujins will continue to sell well, her magazine features will continue to increase in number, and I hope that I have convinced you to become a fan today.


11 thoughts on “Artist: Ikegami Akane

  1. Ahh.. Akane Ikegami. One of my favorites.
    To me, her art style’s a cross between Naru Nanao’s designs and Misato Mitsumi’s rounded-ness (can’t explain it well). Though it seems to be closer to Naru Nanao…

    Either way, she’s up there on my Favorite Artists list, together with Suzuhira Hiro and Moekibara Fumitake.

    Why not take on Moekibara Fumitake next? lol
    One of the games she worked on is going to be animated next season. 😀

  2. @meganeshounen: Moekibara Fumitake is one of my favorites too, but Suzuhira Hiro? Not so much. I bought her artbook (chronicle) and was a bit disappointed at the quality of her earlier works.

  3. Wow, I thought Misato Mitsumi’s style when I saw this. The shape of the figures are similar for sure, but the colouring is different.

    The hands are a bit funky in some pictures though, in my opinion. For both Misato Mitsumi and Akane.

  4. @Sakura: Yay, I’m more of a follower of abingdon boys school though (love the opening for darker than black and that new song for soul eater.)

    @Rooked: Yes, she’s more vibrant and doesn’t have quite the painting-ish qualities that MIsato Mitsumi has (not to mention Ikigami Akane’s girls usually look younger). I don’t think I’ve ever notived the hands though.

  5. Ikegami is definitely one of my favourite artists, along with Naru Nanao and Sasaki Mutsumi. Also, thanks for sharing that Touhou doujin: it looked great, even though I couldn’t translate it to save my life ^^;

  6. Teehee ^^ A name that’s like me!!!! ^///^ Oh yea!!! Pluz i watched Fate/stay night before and it spelled ” Illya” Duh…. But i don’t really care. Ikigami Akane Looks too cute!!! Her cute yellow unifrom is so cute. Misato Mitsumi I only like the first picture of her in front of the store thing. She looks cute as always…. *sighs* ^^ Ikigami Akane The first one again! LOL though her twin i think bcuz i didn’t look for a long time. But i wanna send a pic here v.v

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