It looks like chocolate…but…


Banana, mango yogurt, lemon, milk, ice cubes, pepper juice, red peppers, chocolate, health drink powder, rice ball in wine soup, sliced pig ears, green onions, instant coffee, salted cashews, hazelnuts, prawn crackers, vinegar, maple syrup, jelly, sugar, cola, instant cereal, pepper powder, celery, fried funnel cake-ish kind of thing, vitamin C, pine nuts, vitamin b50, and hot water (and other things that I forgot about or can’t legally mention).

All crushed in a blender and garnished with 2 prawn crackers.

The taste is nothing you can ever imagine.

We, the creators, named it bloody diarrhea.

I nearly died.

Not from the surprisingly sweet taste, not from the bread dough-like smell, not from the barf like after taste, not from the bubbly and suspicious exterior.

And not from the bravery of the 3 idiots who tried this liter of….. stuff.

No, I almost died… of suffocation.


From laughter.


7 thoughts on “It looks like chocolate…but…

  1. I’ve noticed that mixing random things always results in a brownish-green colour, I speak from personal experience. There must be some meaning that.

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