Naruto 433 – 434


I find this picture kind of creepy.

Chapter 433 – Sage Technique Failure…!?

So it turns out I was right not to worry too much about Naruto falling out of ‘Sage Mode’ as he continues to more than hold his own against Pein.

This is what I wish we’d get to see more of with Naruto that not only can he use these super strong techniques, but that he also has the smarts when it comes to tactics and planning.


If I hurry I can beat him to the ramen.

Believing he has the upper hand Pein rushes at Naruto only to find that Naruto had an ace up his sleeve all along. It seems that before he left Myobokuzan, Naruto created some shadow clones and infused them with ‘Sage Chakra’.

Using a reverse summoning jutsu to summon a clone means that once they are summoned the ‘Sage Chakra’ goes back into Naruto.



Naruto can only do two ‘Rasen Shurikens’ per clone and only has two clones left giving him a maximum of four ‘Rasen Shurikens’ so he’ll have to use them wisely.



He launches one at Pein only for Gakidou (Hungry Ghost Realm) to jump in front and absorb the blow, Naruto is surprised to see him having believed Gakidou to have died.

Its then that Naruto notices Jigokudoh (Hell Realm) to the side and realizes that this Pein is the key since he can ressurect the dead. Naruto then analyzes the Pein’s and their various powers and begins to come up with a plan of action. The first order of the day being to take out Jigokudoh.


Naruto handles his balls…

Releasing smoke bombs, Naruto throws another Rasen Shuriken towards Gakidou. The Rasen Shuriken seemingly transforms into Naruto which makes Gakidou believe this must be the real Naruto.
Naruto grabs Gakidou and holds him to the ground as the Rasen Shuriken follows behind him to take out Pein.


Pein finds out what happens when you touch Naruto’s ramen.

Unfortunately Pein’s power comes back at that moment (oh how convenient) and he is able to repel the Rasen Shuriken. Thankfully though that was not the extent of Naruto’s plan, it was merely a diversion as Naruto attacks his true target and takes out Jigokudoh with a double rasen from above. GO NARUTO!

Chapter 434 – Naruto vs God Realm


Pein works on his dance moves.


Naruto doesn’t follow the steps very well.

And so the battle rages on, Pein, having recharged his batteries, uses ‘Shinra Tensei’ to take care of Naruto’s clones. Tsunade’s slug informs Naruto that there is a five second interval between Pein being able to use the ability.

Fukasaku figures that they’ll need to use an illusion which he will have to perform since Naruto isn’t very good at them. Genjutsu has never really been one of his strong points after all. Remember what happens when he tries to henge XD


He babbles like that a lot, we just ignore him.


No-one messes with Gamabunta and his posse.


Except maybe Pein

Pein uses another ‘Shinra Tensei’ and this time Gamabunta takes a major hit. Boooooooooo I do hope he’s okay, it would totally suck for Gamabunta to bite it.


Naruto is so bored over how long the Pein arc has lasted, he promptly falls asleep.


Hinata worries that Naruto has become so bored, he might have slipped into a coma.

Using his ‘Bansho Tenin’ Pein pulls Naruto towards him, subduing him with Chikadou, who absorbs his chakra, as Hinata looks on with great concern, prompting Pein to declare the Kyuubi has been captured.


Or has he?

So I liked a lot about 433, namely that we get to see a side of Naruto I wish we’d get to see more. Because he’s acts so carefree and idiotic most of the time, we don’t often get a glimpse of his intelligence.

I love that they showed him planning in advance, assessing the situation at hand and coming up with a plan of action on the spot. I really liked the fact we got to see Naruto use his brain to utilize his brawn.

What bugged me was the whole thing with Hinata showing concern. I mean she can be concerned but why show Hinata? Why not oh his actual team mate Sakura?

Maybe Kishimoto threw it out there for all the Naruto x Hinata lovers. I wonder are there more fans of that pairing than there are Naruto x Sakura pairings? (MAGGEH DON’T SAY A WORD ABOUT OTHER PAIRINGS, MY KAKASHI SENSEI, SASUKE-KUN okay well he at least might be asexual, ITACHI-KUN ARE ALL AS PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW!)

Maybe Sakura wasn’t shown because she has such absolute faith in him she’s not worrying about him as much and we’ll get shown something to that extent later.

But I am getting tired of everyone other than his team mates being there for Naruto. “o( ̄ヘ ̄;)。o0○(コロス…) ”
Like back when he was grieving over Jiraiya neither Sakura nor Kakashi were the ones to comfort him and that just sort of sits wrong with me. When was the last time we had a really good Naruto x Sakura moment? (´Д`) =3 ハゥー

As for the Kyuubi being captured, I don’t really think we have much to worry about.
Either Pein is already caught in genjutsu and is already caught in Naruto’s trap unbeknownst to him. Or all Naruto’s friends who have been told to hang back will finally say ‘screw this shit’ and in a show of youthful solidarity, band together to go help their friend.

I guess we’ll see next week.

Oh and if you wondered about the Japanese evoticons in the post, you can find them here Japanese evoticons.


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