The progression of Clannad AS

vlcsnap-191991Let’s face it, the pacing of Clannad is really slow right now. After 23 minutes worth of episode 17, I felt like they’ve given me 2 minutes worth of information. Tomoya has changed, Ushio doesn’t have a relationship with her father, and the Furukawas are still kind, caring people.


Right now, I feel like they’ve run out of material for the next 7 episodes and is now trying to spend time by showing excessively long scenes of Ushio and her deformed arms. She’s cute and all but her arms are hideously looking and she reminds me of Fuuko, I really have no interest in when she wants to go to the washroom or whether she likes fried rice or not. Yes, there’s a need to develop the relationship between Ushio and Tomoya, but why can’t be done in any other way? Or better yet, a faster way?

That’s what I thought an episode ago, but boy has my mind changed…


First of all, the whole thing with washrooms? they really made it work. Jun Maeda is a genius in that prospect, he can make anything have a sad meaning to it, from a head band to a dinosaur to vanilla ice cream (Oh my god, is that why this was there? To remind people of Misuzu’s dinosaur? I might be on to something there).

Second of all, the number of things that are repeating are very interesting:

Tomoya is just like his father.

Sanae is very similar to Tomoyo’s grandmother.

The toy robot that Tomoyo bought for Ushio looks suspiciously similar to the robot in the fantasy world.

vlcsnap-201217In the fantasy world, the girl wouldn’t move after winter set in. Nagisa always gets sick in the winter months.

The flower field that Tomoya and Ushio saw

vlcsnap-202027are the same as the ones in the op? If it is, then there’s a pretty high chance that Kyoani’s going to pull a Sunrise on us (OHPLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASE)

vlcsnap-205911Third of all, Ushio’s cuteness is finally getting to me.

vlcsnap-201389Messy hair = 5+ cuteness points

I love how we finally find out was happened in the first 5 seconds of the first episode, and it was very gratifying to finally get some development for Tomoya’s father. However, I have to say that when the grandmother asked Tomoya is he was done repenting for his sins yet, the first thing I thought of was Tomoya, not his substance abuse. Could it be that keeping his smile and calling Tomoya Tomoya-kun is a part of his atonement for breaking his relationship with his sone?  vlcsnap-203903

and of course, a shouta Tomoya is a good Tomoya.

P.S. for all fans of Umineko: When Ushio was looking for her robot I was getting serious Maria vibes there. I swear, any moment now she’ll get the creppy smile plastered on her face and murders will start to occur…


2 thoughts on “The progression of Clannad AS

  1. Hmmm…if I consider this…

    Right now, I feel like they’ve run out of material for the next 7 episodes…

    and that….

    Jun Maeda is a genius in that prospect, he can make anything have a sad meaning to it


    I’d say that the apparent inhibition/retardation in the story line is just a ‘calm before a storm’ kind of thing. I’m pretty sure something’s coming along our way very soon that will sweep us off our feet.

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