Tears to Tiara review

untitledI had just finished tears to tiara, and while it wasn’t amazing in any respect,  it’s definitely a nice game and I’m here to offer you a review of it.

Released for the PC on April 28, 2005, Tears to Tiara is a tactical RPG by LEAF.

Story: 7.5/10

Let’s start with the bad points.

The h-scenes are numerous, long, ridiculous and pointless, not to mention a waste of time.

Most of the characters are as flat as Primula’s chest. That holds true for the entirety of Arawn’s harem, and I have to say that the girls felt like they were tacked on and could have been replaced with just about anyone.

the ending was a bit meh.

Dead people don’t stay dead.

Despite there being 10 girls in a harem, there’s no romance in this story. Don’t even TRY to get me started on the relationship between Arawn and Riannon.

The dead characters are more interesting than the live ones.

However, on the good side, the story is pretty interesting with a complex and intriguing back story.The funny parts are genuinely funny, and the touching parts touching. The story touches on many themes such as faith, free will, and the pointlessness of perfection, and they were well woven into the story. The writers also weren’t lacking a sense of irony, as you can very easily tell once you consider the relations between characters and events after you’ve finished the entire game.

untitled2Art: 4/10

What can I say? The art’s not consistent at all (especially between the sCG and the event CGs), and out of the entire game there were only 4 Cgs I actually liked. The coloring’s simple, the clothing are hideous, the faces are… not that great, and the artist needs to study anatomy more. The opening video wasn’t animated all that well either.

Voice acting: 9/10

The voice acting is really very nice in this game. There are many voice over scenes that were done very well. However, none of them sang well enough to get a full mark from me.

Music: 9/10

The opening and ending themes were nice, with the singer having a very smooth voice. The background tracks are good too, especially “afterglow fo teh god’s age” (the song played on the official website) and “the song of creation”, both of which are beautiful. There are quite a few pieces of battle music, but after the 40th battle you don’t really notice them anymore.


This is a tactical RPG.

I’m so incompetent in this kind of thing that I picked super easy for the difficulty level and let CPU do all the work.

Please keep that in mind.

The interface was pretty stylish and simple to use. But I HATED having to search everywhere for events and at how slow people moved. This might be a plus for those who are looking for the thrill of beating the game on impossible, but sadly doesn’t work for me.


Art: 4×2=8/20

Voice acting: 9/10

Music: 9/10

Programming: 6/10

Total: 69.5/100 C+


First of all, if the angels want to destory the world and start anew, why not kill all the dragons? Or the elves? Why do elves respect dragons so much? Shouldn’t they only respect those that the angels want them to respect?

Second of all, if so many humans died during the ice age, how come the elves don’t seem to be affected? And how on earth did Primula keep a fire going for years?

Third of all, how come there was only 1 angel at the top of the tower? What happened to the rest of them? Don’t they have the power to change the world? Why bother dealing with humans? Why not just kill them all quickly? Killing one angel doesn’t solve anything, the world is still the same!

Why was lucifer born? If they are going to talk about god at least show what god was planning!


untitled3This wasn’t a masterpiece, and it’s not as good as Utawarerumono, but it’s interesting, it’s short and I think many people will like it.


10 thoughts on “Tears to Tiara review

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  2. Where do you get these? I want to play all these visual novels after I read the reviews…you should let us know how we can get them or where…PLEASE REVIEW FLYABLE HEART!!! UNISONSHIFT’S NEWEST EROGE…plus NOIZI ITO IS DOING THE ART @__@
    please lol
    oh yeah …BTW i always read your blog but i never comment….@__@…i’ll start from now on

  3. @Saru: You can get these games either through online or a store (that is, if a store near you actually stocks Vns, which I highly doubt it does). If you are wondering about where to get patches, http://www.shii.org/translate/ is a good place to start, as it lists pretty much every English fan translation there are. A quick google search can get you most of these games, especially through sites such as Himeya shop and amazon.com.
    Unfortunately, I can’t review Flyable hearts (as much as I want to… I LOVE Itou Noizi), because I can’t read Japanese. All the games I’ve reviewed are either already translated into English or Chinese, the 2 languages I’m fluent in.
    Anyway, thanks for always reading, it’s nice to know that people like the things I write.

  4. Ah, thank you for all your advice, I’ll definately look into the patches; since my it is somewhat hard to read Japanese sometimes…@__@
    Awww hope someone makes a patch for it then lol.
    You welcome, I love the entries where you talk about the illustrators, like DMYO.

  5. Is this game linear like Utawarerumono? The story is pretty good despite not having much romance in it either. Though I do agree with the mediocre art in the CG’s, the battle screenshot is very pretty with the sprites and the temple background.


  6. Actually, while my overall opinion greatly differs from yours (excellent, much stronger plot than Utawarerumono), I’d have to agree with a lot of what you said. Personally, I didn’t find it too disturbing that most characters lacked depth, because at the end of everything, it’s clearly evident that this is nothing but a story about Arawn, and on that note, the staff did a terrific job of shaping him as a character, and building an intriguing history surrounding him. Yeah… the bit of about you know who was a rather blatant deus ex machina, but in my opinion, by that point the story is already over anyways, being the final boss fight and all, with all the secrets already revealed beforehand… Of course, we can get nitty-picky and point out many technical things that weren’t really explained or addressed, but being a fantasy world and all, I think we should be a little more lenient.

    Art wise, I thought it was quite good, much better than a lot of other companies anyways… I agree with the evaluation of music. In addition to what you mentioned, I also found Last Vow and Last Words to be 2 very good pieces in the OST, both very fitting for the scenes they were paired with. I found the voice acting above average, but not terribly memorable. Arawn’s voice is good, and Myrodin’s too. The other ones were rather typical voices that fit the character mould. Taliasin’s voice was good too I guess.

    On a final note, my first playthrough was on impossible difficulty, and it was fairly strategic and adequately challenging, but not overly so (Uta’s hard 3 mode) that it took the fun out of the game, so I thoroughly enjoyed the RPG element in TTT as well.

  7. “The h-scenes are numerous, long, ridiculous and pointless, not to mention a waste of time.”

    I perfectly agree. There should be an option that allows us to play without the hentai. I always skip those scenes because they are pointless.

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