This is why toheart2 anotherdays is awesome


“Aliens, psysics, and time travellers are all under your juristicion. This is something that everyone in the class has already accepted.”

Random Haruhi reference FTW!

10 minutes in and I’m already cracking up, mostly because the writers understand that this is a spin off and uses that to its full potential. Because this is a bishoujo game, the male lead has a sizable harem, and by the time anotherdays came around he’s already infamous for it and it’s the root for many hilarious jokes.

I’m going to start with Harumi (the girl above) because I like to start out with the girls with the least potential. I’ve pretty much given up on this one because she’s a clingy airhead with a bust no high school girl should have.

This is going to be so much better than tears to tiara. Especially the art. Have you SEEN how pretty the art for this game is? It’s BEAUTIFUL.


13 thoughts on “This is why toheart2 anotherdays is awesome

  1. Agree with you there with TH2:AD – it’s a total riot! I’ve already gotten all the girls by the way, and my favorites are Silfa (the blonde HMX-17c robot maid), and Yochi (Konomi’s green haired friend), partly because both are tsunderes 😀 (spoiler warning: if TH2’s Yuna Tonami [the blue haired bicycle rider] was a bad enough tsundere, Silfa is even moreso). Also, Silfa reminds me a whole lot of Sabre from Fate/Stay Night.

  2. Ha, ha, Chinese translations ftw! I just recently started playing this too. As far as comedy goes, this game has it definitely. I must applaud the folks at Sumisora translation team for their efforts….they’ve translated a lot of good games to date. I think they are working on Little Busters next, so I can’t wait!

  3. @Sailor Enlil: I’m looking forward to Yochi (Yuna was my favorite character from the original). I haven’s seen Silfa yet, but I’ve seen the pictures and she does look like saber (I’m hoping that her personality will be just as good too).

    @deltazechs: Ooh, I just saw that they’ve already finished the translation of the blond girl (can’t remember her name, the new character). I worship the translation team at Sumisora, everything they do is amazing.

    @nazarielle: No, just Chinese and English, I can make out a few Kanji here and there but for all intents and purposes I’m illiterate in Japanese.

  4. need help!
    can’t seem to get the subs it to work, though i installed fonts v1 and v2, patches v1.0 and v1.01 but the game still displays itself in Japanese.

  5. For a game as high-budget and well known as this, it’s no surprise that the art looks amazing. And it’s always a breath of fresh air playing spinoffs like this – it can get tiring when every visual novel goes over the same general category of “serious” content, when much of the content ends up feeling cliche. That’s one of the reasons I so thoroughly enjoyed Kagetsu Tohya: it’s hilarious to watch a cast of vampires/assassins/people that can kill you in a story where they hardly take themselves seriously.

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