moe-18978-sampleYes, I was one of those people who was born after Gunbuster was made and just watched Gunbuster2 when it came out all shiny and flashy, ignoring the original. What a mistake that was. I just finished watching the last few moments of the OVA a minute ago, and I’m an emotional mess (let’s face it, was there ANYONE who didn’t bawl when the lights came on?). Sure, the random nudity freaked me out a bit, sure, the original Gunbuster didn’t have that great of a budget, but it was GOOD! A must watch for anyone who even remotely likes giant robots. Definitely.

If you have not watched these 2 OVAs, go NOW.

status of spring

rideback: not as keikaku

okaeri: mediocre save for a few parts

marimite: got boring

zoku natsume: redundant

mariaholic: got boring/redundant

index: misaka was awesome but meh






Yet ANOTHER umineko patch


Image by MilkCandy, one of the most popular 07th expansion fanart producers EVER (this guy also releases faster than I can count).

I can’t believe this, Witch Hunt is working much too hard! Ah, who am I kidding? I’m praying that they’ll come out with the full patch tomorrow! I’m not sure if you can tell but I’m absolutely giddy! Yes, there is now a patch for the fourth game, Alliance of the golden witch! It might be incomplete, but nothing bad can ever come out of more Umineko!

TH2AD: Michiru Yamada

I was very disappointed with LEAF. Why on earth did they throw in a continuations of a harem path from the original game that had no plot or a harem path with no plot involving a married woman? Ack, that was a perfectly useless waste of my last few hours of vacation time! If it was up to me I’d ban harem endings from ever being written on this planet! (Not only that, what kind of sick, twisted being wrote the story about falling in love with your childhood friend’s MOTHER? I’m gagging right now.)


However, my (initially) favourable opinion of this game has been restored (somewhat) by Michiru’s story.

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Toradora twenty-four

vlcsnap-142997Ever since the very beginning, I’ve been wondering about why Minorin has so many part time jobs. I kept thinking that it would be something long and complicated, but saving up for her dream is really very simple, isn’t it?


Now that Ryuugi has proposed, the love triangle is finally resolved. However, as much as I loved the confession scene and how everyone’s trying to help the lovers elope, I can’t help but feel like it’s wrong. Everything was done on the spur of the moment, and neither Ryuugi or Taiga has real plans about what they are going to do. How can they expect to have a future like this?

Ah, there’s thunder outside, I’d better stop writing (Is the weather trying to stop me from writing negative thoughts?)

C75 recommendations pt 1

C75 promotional art by suzuya royohka (凉香)

C75 promotional art by suzuya royohka (凉香)

Welcome, one and all! After days of hard work  I have put together this post of worthy c75 art to recommend! By the way, the reason I’m doing a post on art is because I can’t read a single word of Japanese so art is the only thing I can judge it by! I only went through 679 doujins, so there are a many worthy pieces of art which I missed. I encourage you to seek out your favorites whenever possible! (Note: I refuse to promote the acquisition of h-doujins, so don’t expect anything beyond mild fan service in this post.)

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