Why I like Kyou but not ushio

(And why I don’t want to watch Sayonara Zetsubu Sensei and Pani poni dash.)


Everyone has preferences, and I happen to have certain ones reserved for girls.They do apply to characters in general, but since too many male characters are just clones of each other I usually don’t usually use these preferences on them (seriously, as a girl I can’t even think of a male character who left a lasting impression on me in terms of personality).

Preference #1? The ablilty to kick ass.

You’ve seen spineless girls before. Submissive, introverted, soft spoken, usually linked with either mastery or the total lack of cooking skills. I find them to be boring, not to mention an insult to the rest of the female population. People moe over Tsukasa Hiiragi and the rest of the girls like her, but I can’t seem to ever like them (how can anyone like a girl who doesn’t have the brain capacity to operate a cellphone is beyond me).

The opposite of these girls are those who have an assertive personality, who can happily kick a guy when he’s down and not feel guilty about it (I’m not promoting violence here, don’t get me wrong, but you KNOW you cheered when Kyou kicked Sunohara in the face). They either have wit, the physical capabilities to kick ass, or both, like Kyou. Some other examples are Rin from Fate/stay night (who else can create miracles on an indefinite amount of parallel spaces?), Konata (ass-kicking domination when it comes to games), and Nao from Mai hime (she has 2 of the most interesting weapons every imagined by a human being).


Preference #2: Intelligence

Ah, intelligence, it can lead to so many wonderful things. Witty comebacks, diabolical plans, the birth of giant robots! When applied correctly wonderful characters such as Anzu Yukimura (the master of witty comebacks), Chao Lingshen (the most intelligent martian ever who hatched a grand plot to change the world), and Yuki Nagato (master hacker and the most well animated out of the three)  are borne.


Sadly there are characters who are so stupid the moment I see them I realize I’ve lost all interest in finishing the series. The girl from SZS was so thick that I couldn’t bring myself to watch the series past the first 5 minutes, and Fuuko’s appearance almost made me drop the show.

Preference #3: Interesting

Now, when I say interesting, I mean new things are constantly happening around them. For me, this generally goes to girls who are perky on the outside but is actually a well developed, complex person with secrets hidden inside (Sakura from D.C.II, Mizuki from Ef, Ilya from Fate/stay night, Lilu from Watashi wa Messiah sama, etc). After, if a character is so flat their entire being is revealed at scene of introduction it’s hard for them to be interesting. Unfortunately, this requires characters to actually do things that affect the plot.

0236Following that kind of logic, it’s easy to see why I dislike Characters such as Marina Ismail and Asahina Mikuru. What do they do besides walking around, moping/crying, and singing (badly)? NOTHING. I read Haruhi, and even in the volume that focuses on Mikuru, there was nothing that she did which was particularly important and couldn’t have been done by someone else.

This is why I like Kyou: she’s an interesting character who brings a fresh breath of life to the story who can kick ass, dish out witty comments, and create the funniest scene in the entire series (don’t tell me you didn’t laugh at the storage shed episode, if you didn’t I don’t consider you human). Sure, she las little contribution to the overall plot, but that can be easily forgiven as she’s a shining beacon of love in her path in the game.

Ushio, on the other hand, has a flat character, almost no developmental, not the brightest kinder gardener ever, and the only thing I can remember about her was her crying, eating rice, and walking. She’ll only be a plot device because she’s so young and so dead!

ushio1Okay, I admit it, I wrote this whole thing because I can’t get over how sad Ushio’s death is.



8 thoughts on “Why I like Kyou but not ushio

  1. You’ve seen spineless girls before. Submissive, introverted, soft spoken, usually linked with either mastery or the total lack of cooking skills. I find them to be boring

    Finally, someone agrees with me. I hate this kind of girl. I mean, sometimes they can be funny, but usually only because of how they react to others. Like Tsukasa can be funny sometimes because of the way she counterbalances Kagami.

    Witty comebacks

    This is what I like the most, and when I see someone in any given show who is good at quick snap comebacks and sly little digs, I’ll instantly fall for them, regardless of who they are.

    Following that kind of logic, it’s easy to see why I dislike Characters such as Marina Ismail and Asahina Mikuru

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Mikuru. I found her to be absolutely obnoxious and wished she wasn’t there. I’m pretty sure no one likes Marina. Princess Poverty does nothing but whine about how terrible everything is and how she wishes everyone would just be FRIENDLY.

    And jeez, you really named a lot of my favorite characters. Kyou to start, then Rin and Ilya. Although I never really was a big fan of Yuki, she struck me as kinda boring. Although, she did get better once we learned more about her and saw her in action.

    Bah, now I really want to play the Clannad VN with this talk of how awesome Kyou’s route is. Do want Kyou route.

  2. I agree with all these points, especially the interesting ones…The Mikuru kinda characters…they’re just moe stereotypes, and I’m assuming are targeted at guys LOL

  3. Out of curiosity, what do you think of Tomoyo Daidouji from Card Captor Sakura or Tsubasa Chronicle? Or even Sakura herself?

  4. @Silver: I like Tomoyo, since she’s one of those girls who always has a firm grasp of the situation and can do just about anything. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is what she said when she was combing Sakura’s hair during the movie after she finished singing (I can’t believe I still remember that, it’s been years since I watched it). Sakura on the other hand is a bit of a problem for me. She was okay in CCS I suppose, but the one in Tsubasa is a whole other story. An energetic Sakura in love is always fun to read about, a sleepy Sakura can be cute, but the Sakura that appeared after Shaoran left is the one who is strongest, who wants to protect those who are dear to her even at the cost of her own life, and that last Sakura is the one who is the most interesting plot wise. So I’m afraid I can’t come to a conclusion until TRC is over.

  5. Ushio, a child, COME ON! Seriously I dispise people like Kyou. Kicking someone in the face for trying to comfort her fat pig. How rude! If I was Sunohara (Only I would be a girl sense I am XD) I would kick her ass faster than Tomoyo.

    And yes I admitt, I hate moe. Because all moe is a bunch of fucking crybabies walking around like fucking idiots crying. Thank God you hate Mikuru as well. (Actually, shes my #1 most hated character.)

    But Ushio on the other hand, is just a child. A CHILD! Seriously, If it was like Akira from Pani Poni Dash Compared to Rei, It would make sense.

    And yet, I still have yet to see why you like Kyou. Such a disrespectful girl. Amazing how the world is like that. Just like Sakura from naruto or Kaname from FMP. Put a guy in bandages for scratching his ass. WOW a LOT of sense.

  6. @Natalie: Kyou’s violence is mostly just a method used to add comedy to situations, and Sunohara has already been established as the character who has bad luck and always gets the short end of the stick, so I don’t think that what Kyou does to him is meant to have any long lasting effects. Besides, it’s nice to see a decent amount of female domination.

    Please don’t say something like moe is all crying. That’s as wrong as saying a person can only love someone who only relies on others. The definition of the word changes by everyone. Sure, there are guys who seek dominance and control who sees crying as moe. But even a simple gesture (like when Kotomi from Clannad shifted directions on her knees) can be considered to be very moe by the vast majority of the internet while having nothing to do with crying whatsoever. Of course, it’s hard for me to classify something like moe because I’m a girl too, but please don’t start that kind of prejudice.

    Clearly you don’t actually know about Kyou’s story yet. You can consider her to be disrespectful, that’s your right, but she’s a person who makes judgement quickly and cares for those who are close to her, that’s her character. I don’t particularly like Sakura or Kaname either, and I can’t make you like anyone. But aren’t you going a little ovrboard here? In series like Naruto or Inuyasha, whatever is inflicted onto the male prtagonist by the female protagonist tend to heal extremely fast and last only so long as the audience is laughing. I don’t think that Kyou’s actions are meant to be disrespectful, but more as a mirror to how much she cares for her family.

    And yes, Ushio’s a child. So? What’s your point?

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