07 Ghost

Promo Vid status: RELEASED.

Hopefully, it’ll be like the manga. I kind of like Frau.

4 thoughts on “07 Ghost

  1. When I was doing some data entry for the Spring season, this 07-Ghost sort of stuck out as having way more net-attention than most of the other series (most).

    Guessing it’ll be worth paying attention to from the get go.

  2. The song’s good, even though the art doesn’t do the manga any justice. I’ll be watching this though, the manga confused me to the point where I fear reading it, maybe this’ll be better.

  3. @Kitsune: who? Ayanami? hmmmmm – you have a point there. :] I think they all look much much hotter in the manga however…

    @Ryan A: Let’s hope so. I don’t know, they always do seem to make a botch of most of the adaptations from manga to anime.

    @Choux: really? Love the manga, but I hope you’re right. The art does seem a little more crappier. 😛

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