Higurashi Rei : shame exposing chapter


One of the greatest parodies EVER

Okay. Everyone who’s a decent fan of07th expansion has watched this OVA, and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed it, even though it was cheesy and filler-like. Every major character made an appearance, and the story was (I’m ashamed to admit) interesting. The character designs look much better now, especially compared to the first season, and the animation isn’t that bad either (especially compared to the first season). I’m not sold on the opening and ending songs yet, but they’re not bad at all.

vlcsnap-34229Overall? A pretty decent laugh, but you KNOW you’re just waiting for the next episode when everyone starts to go crazy again.


2 thoughts on “Higurashi Rei : shame exposing chapter

  1. This worked because it was so ridiculous and over-the-top. If it was any less off-the-wall it would have come off as tacky, but because it was just one ridiculous, contrived, unapologetic plot point after the other, it came off as suitably campy and really entertaining.

  2. This OVA was almost exactly the same as the first OVA for Hayate no Gotoku. All of the characters showed up and went swimming. But yea, I can’t wait for the craziness to start.

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