Naruto 437 – 438


So the battle with Pain continues to go on and on and on and on just like the Energizer bunny.

Naruto 437 – Confession


Blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH!

Poor Naruto continues to lay pinned to the floor while Pain continues his inane babbling as Hinata watches worriedly.


Hmm he could feed the entire Hyuuga clan…

Shikamaru and his father hand out last minute orders for locating Pain and Gai’s team come across the fallen Gamabunta on their way back to the village.


If you lose they are gonna have frogs legs for dinner!

Naruto struggles to deal with Pain’s chakra flowing through him, but Ma throws words of encouragement his way, telling Naruto that he is the child of prophecy.

Pain calls her a noisy frog as she tells Naruto that Jiraiya and Fukasaku gave their lives because they believed in him and she won’t forgive him if he gives up.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its… Hinata? WTF?

Pain makes ready to leave but is stopped by Hinata who jumps in, to protect Naruto angrily telling Pain that she won’t let him lay another finger on Naruto.


His virginity is MINE!

Naruto yells at her to get away, telling her that she is no match for Pain. Hinata is more than aware of this though and tells Naruto she is just being selfish.


I can’t say anything other than aww sweet. NOW WTF isn’t Sakura out there sharing feelings with her team mate?

She says she used to always cry and give up, but Naruto showed her the right way. She tells him that she was always chasing him, wanting to talk with him and wanting to be with him. She tells him that he changed her and saved her and she isn’t afraid to die protecting him, because… she loves him!


Dude, Nagato gets his wish, coz when he reverts, Naruto is totally gonna be feeling PAIN!

As Naruto screams for her to stop, she rushes towards Pain, who quickly dispatches her with a Shinra Tensei, saying that the situation is reminiscent of when his parents were killed in front of him by Konoha nin.

As he babbles on about love breeding sacrifice, which breeds hatred, Naruto starts to lose control. Pain continues on, asking Naruto if he hates him, saying that his hate is stronger, even as Naruto stands before him in the kyuubi form with six tails!


When Naruto looks like this, Sasuke-kun is definitely hotter.

Naruto 438 – Breaking the seal


Sakura informs the ignorant.

Sakura recognizes the kyuubi’s chakra and the nearby Hyuuga nin tells her that Hinata tried to save Naruto.



The 6 tailed Naruto destroys the necklace Tsunade gave him, which makes me wonder if Yamato will be able to control him now.


It’s ON! Like Donkey Kong!


Kyuubi go big boom.

Pain and Naruto battle it out ferociously creating even more damage to the already destroyed Konoha.


Oh so that’s why Sakura wasn’t off sharing feelings, she was being useful.

Once the Hyuuga tells Sakura that Naruto has 6 tails she starts to give out orders, realizing they need to get everyone to safety.

Inoichi is surprised by that information since he had thought Kakashi and Yamato had put another sealing on Naruto.


OMG I bet a ton of Anko x Yamato fic are gonna turn up now. Or even worse, Sai X Anko X Yamato *shudder*

As for Yamato, it appears that along with Sai and Anko, he has been out trying to track down Kabuto. It appears they are rather close to his trail, but Yamato informs them they have to return when he sees the number 6 appear on his hand and realizes that Naruto has gone six tails.


You know, when he’s in Naruto’s head, Kyuubi seems so much smarter…


YAY save Hinata, for she was brave and rather cool looking, even if her actions were pointless. What? I’m just saying…

Pain starts to lead Naruto away from the village and Sakura determines that they have to help Hinata and try to get a hold of Yamato, since Naruto will attack friend or foe in his current state.


Oh look, Heavenly Big Ball of Chi Explosion or something. Yawn already.

As Pain continues to head away from the village, Nagato states that he is finally close enough and Deva Realm Pain unleashes yet another technique, Chibaku Tensei. Its got a similar sound to his other ones, so its probably another explosive kind of technique, probably just more powerful than the shinra tensei. Ugh and that was ridiculously powerful enough as it was. I mean it leveled the village for crying out loud.

So, now I guess all the Naruto X Hinata lovers are like see they are meant to be because he went all Kyuubi after seeing her get swatted like a fly.

I don’t really think him going all crazy means Naruto is madly in love with Hinata. He’s never even noticed her feelings for him before now, her confession was a shock to him.

I just think its more along the line of after Jiraiya, after Fukasaku, after the village, to see a ‘friend’ get hurt like that in front of him, just sent Naruto over the edge. Pain could have smacked Choji in front of him and Naruto would have lost it.

Though seriously I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if Kishimoto has decided to pair Naruto up with Hinata. Since he seems to have forgotten that Sakura was at one point teamed up with him and he had a huge crush on her.

Though it is nice to see her get some time, maybe this is the beginning of us getting to see more of Sakura’s growth. She kept a cool head and gave out intelligent commands in a nightmare situation, Tsunade would certainly be proud of her apprentice.

Oh and 439 will definitely be worth checking out if the spoilers are true… you’ll never guess who turns up…


19 thoughts on “Naruto 437 – 438

  1. Looks to me Hinata served as a basis of comparison to Sakura between impulsive acting and level-headed coolness. There’s a lesson to be learned here…if you don’t think before acting, you’re totally gonna get screwed. 🙂

    And oh…how Naruto snapped when Hinata got smacked is probably comparable to how Chouji will snap if Pain called him fat. Lulz..

  2. @ 7, That seems pretty plausible 🙂 I guess it was just Hinata’s turn to shine, she did look quite pretty and cool. But I also thought Sakura did pretty well under pressure, she was a like a mini Tsunade XD

    LMAO, yeah I totally think Naruto snapping was more of a case of ENOUGH ALL READY! Rather than OMG you just hit the love of my life. Which would have been like Pain crushing a bag of chips in front of Chouji… oh poor Chouji, we abuse you so.

  3. Hinata’s not dead. That makes me feel conflicted.

    On one side, I’m disappointed that Kishimoto doesn’t have the balls to kill Hinata off, while letting minor characters get swatted like flies.

    On the other side… HINATA IS ALIVE. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    Yup, yup.

  4. I liked her before she had a rack. D8


    … Your mother likes her because she has a huge rack.


    OH SNAP Yo Momma joke by me for the win.

  5. I really wish Hinata had died……sigh but this is Naruto truly importand characters dont ever die…exept Jiraiya he the only really important charactar who you have know have have seen through a gaint park of the manga and anime to die..(Itachi was important but no were near a main character same goes for Asuma and all the other characters who died..)

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha they have barely talked to each other the whole series it will take a whole lot of character development for Naruto to end up with Hinata…

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