Wow. At first, Harumi was just your average energetic maid robot who’s madly in love with the main character for no apparent reason, but her story was just so cute I just can’t help but like her.

Imagine this: a robot falls in love with a boy, but the boy doesn’t realize it because the the robot was in the body of a teddy bear due to technical difficulties. After gaining a new body, the robot immediately goes to the boy’s school and tries to win his heart. In order to pass herself off as a human, she changes her name from HMX-Milfa to Harumi.

After some hilarious mishaps, the 2 finds mutual love, but the robot starts to malfunction and finds out that the boy knew who she was all along. Confused and terrified about who she was and what the boy thought of her, she runs away only to fall down the stairs and lose her memories. Now, Takaki, as most Bishoujo game leads are, has no outstanding attributes other than being unbelievably nice. But that doesn’t stop him from doing everything that he can to win back Milfa’s heart.

I have to admit that Harumi’s attitude at the beginning of the story was annoying (she started almost every sentence with DARLING), but her character, and her struggles were well developed and interesting. The entire scenario was absolutely adorable, with just the right amount of drama to enhance the story without ruining the atmosphere. There were also some ingenious foreshadowing woven into the story, which surprised me (in a good way).

003aOverall, this secenario reminded me about why I loved the orginal so much in the first place. It’s cheesy, it’s cute, and I can’t wait for the rest of it!

4 thoughts on “Harumi/Milfa

  1. Most of her actions were understandable… calling him that, being very clingy, etc. It’s as if Takaaki got his Charisma stat boosted to SPECTACULAR heights ever since the start of Another Days…

  2. @meganeshounen: If he published a guide on “getting girls for dummies” it would be a best seller FOR SURE.
    @Kitsune: Oh yes, Misato Mitsumi is one of my favorite artists, and she puts in A LOT of effort into her game CGs.

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