It’s hard to fangirl over anything

I remember the good old days, when I was 12 and falling in love with gundam seed (not your average fangirl, I know). Liking a series was so easy back then. Now, I’ll like series, but I won’t go into a fangirling frenzy that easily.

Then I watched the second episode of Tora Dora.

The first time I watched the first episode, I stopped it after the drunk mother showed up, thinking that I wouldn’t like it. Later, at the recommendations of a friend (that’s you, Alice-hime!) and half the blogosphere, I watched the entire first episode and thought it was okay.

vlcsnap-53459But the second episode had me squealing. Actually squealing. It was just SO CUTE! Ever since Zero no tsukaima I’ve had this thing against tsunderes who are physically abusive, but for some reason the chemistry between Taiga and Ryuugi was fantastic and very refreshing.

P.S. : Kitamura reminds me of every single eroge lead I’ve ever seen… for some odd reason…

6 thoughts on “It’s hard to fangirl over anything

  1. @Hikari Niwa: Yeah, I just can’t understand why people like Louise. Especially since I think that if I ever met a person with a personality like that I’d report her to the police.

  2. Good, you are finally watching it.
    I would say that Taiga is way more honest than, perhaps any tsundere I had ever seen. (My lack of experience…)

  3. I’ve loved this show from the start, in fact once I stopped blogging it I managed to get back up to date with it XD

    I totally love Ryuuji because he’s such a clueless sweetie.

  4. LOL! Loiuse need some love too she is just being what she is. Thanks God that you continue to watch Toradora (Thank Alice-hime!). It’s closing to to end now and I’m all fire up

  5. @Ali: Yes, but what I don’t understand is why YOU’re watching it. I thought you hated romance.
    @sakura: I know, he can actually pull off those incredibly cheesy lines and look cool, it’s amazing.
    @Tommy: Sigh… I don’t want it to end…

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