What the hell were they thinking?

Nanako’s a loli, that’s fine, I have no problems with that.

057iBut what the hell were thinking, making her into a loli who literally wears diapers with a whiny voice (which reminds me of Kurihara Touko WAAAAY too much) and a complex about having no chest?!?! That’s just no right!

Not only that, Nanako’s story was BORING. Nothing happened aside from a bunch of angst from the aforementioned bust complex and Takaki feeling guilty about being a lolicon. Well, screw that, I don’t care about what he feels! Most people who’ve played this game want to kill him for Haruhi’s sake! And who cares about her bust size? She’s what? 12? Not only should she not be concerned about her chest, she has no business being inside an eroge!

I’m very disappointed with the writers at Leaf right now. Not only as a person who want to enjoy their game, but as a girl who believes in pride for her half of the human race.


3 thoughts on “What the hell were they thinking?

  1. True DFC pride. You win!

    I haven’t continued playing Another Days yet specifically because of this girl. Her scenario is so horribly typical and there’s really nothing interesting in the lolicon angle.

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