Did that just happen?

I can’t believe it, I actually had to pause the episode, run out of the room, and  get tissues. The only other anime that actually got me to do this was Air, and that was a looooong time ago.

vlcsnap-29313The 16th episode was absolutely amazing. (No wonder the subbers said that you’d need antidepressants after this episode)

Idolmaster xenoglossia: a review

idolmaster23A year ago, I was browsing through a Chinese forum and heard a wonderful piece of Christmas music. After digging around for a little bit I discovered that it was from Idolmaster. Of course, I didn’t know that it was a xbox360 game and decided that I should go and watch the anime. Somehow I kept procrastinating on it and ended up marathoning it only a few days ago, so here I am writing up a review for it.

Plot in a sentence: a girl, Haruka,  tries to become an idol but instead somehow becomes a pilot for a giant robot that’s used to defend the earth from meteorites, only to realize that things are more complicated than they seem. Continue reading