C75 recommendations pt 1

C75 promotional art by suzuya royohka (凉香)

C75 promotional art by suzuya royohka (凉香)

Welcome, one and all! After days of hard work  I have put together this post of worthy c75 art to recommend! By the way, the reason I’m doing a post on art is because I can’t read a single word of Japanese so art is the only thing I can judge it by! I only went through 679 doujins, so there are a many worthy pieces of art which I missed. I encourage you to seek out your favorites whenever possible! (Note: I refuse to promote the acquisition of h-doujins, so don’t expect anything beyond mild fan service in this post.)

01QP:FLAPPER‘s QPchick_colors #02

An all ages full color artbook with fanart for Toheart2, Toradora, fate stay night and more? What more can I ask for? The art is adorable and definitely worth a second look.


Kantoku‘s Check x Check 2

You already know how much I love this guy, so I won’t go into it. The artbook has color pages, rough drafts of earlier works, plus a tutorial on how to draw his amazing checkered skirts.


Fancy fantasia‘s Color defragmentation

A collection of previous works from various doujins and magazines, once again, you already know how much I love this guy. The circle also released a calendar, which you can see here (I personally think the calendar is better than the artbook).


Tinkle‘s  Byakuya Chakai

You’ve heard of people talking about it and chances are you’ve seen pictures from it. As of now I have yet to see a complete scan of this book (I don’t blame anyone, it must be heart breaking to debind this beauty). Her amazing sense of fashion never ceases to amaze me and this substantial, full color book is a must get for anyone who has any interest in gothic lolitas.

001Nagomiko‘s 巫女と和服と半脱ぎと

She is one of those artists who really frustrate me. I am just in love with her art, but her works are so hard to find I want to choke someone. In this case, I could only find 7 actual illustrations from the doujin. Sigh… HURRY UP AND GET FAMOUS SO YOU AREN’T SO OBSCURE ALREADY!


Pink Chuchu‘s PIX3

Ah, I never get tired of Mikeou’s art. Besides this full color artbook, she’s also releasing a bunch of merchandise and a calendar. Unfortunately, this single book will have to suffice for now. I’m a devout follower of all of her works, so expect a full post on her in the future!

0025Rei’s room‘s Maidism

I’m not too big of a fan of her works, but this artbook was pretty nice.


Okay, I know what I said about h-doujins, but in this doujin there’s more safe art than h, and the art’s really pretty (the link goes to a safe pool on moe imouto). As you can guess from the title, this is a doujin of Magical Index, though I have no idea who the above character is. Just because I like the art, I’ll throw in a doujin that contains lineart of previous works too.

0001いちごさいず‘s Happiness and Pastel*02

Can you say adorable or can you say adorable? The art’s so sweet that I think I might get cavities. Happiness is a substantial full color artbook while Pastel 02 is a short artbook of line art. I haven’t heard of this circle until just a few days ago but I can guarantee you I’m going to follow their future works (now if only I can find out how to pronounce the circle’s name!).

That’s it for today, pt2 coming in the near future.

9 thoughts on “C75 recommendations pt 1

  1. Haha good picks.

    I was going to debind and release defragmentation, but someone beat me to it, so I decided not to.

    But I’m sure you’ll garner a lot more C75 picks as I continue reviewing and releasing stuff (been a bit slow with the scanning due to low disk space). For example, I think the next post on Pireze is something to watch out for. 😛

  2. Very good list. No T2 though? Then again it wasn’t anything particularly spectacular that particular year…

    Kantoku and Traumatize seconded. CCC would be there too, if I had anything to say about it.

  3. @icie: Ooh, I’ll be checking everyday then^^

    @Stripey: Thanks for the link.

    @xephfyre: T2’s not a favorite of mine, though I do admire his mastery of form. CCC’s going to be in the next post, comiket just doesn’t feel right without them. ^^

    @nazarielle: Yeah, too bad the scanning quality isn’t all that good… I wish Kantoku would start releasing his works on CD.

    @enterman: QP flapper’s art has really improved over the past year. I have their c73 artbook too, but that doesn’t come even close in comparison. *fumes in jealousy at their rate of improvement… Don’t you just want to go in the picture and poke her on the cheek?

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  5. I’d love to get my hands on that Tinkle book, but in the mean time I should probably check out Kei – I have one of his books already and I’m not disappointed in the least.

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