C75 recommendations pt2


Tony Taka's Tomoyo. I'm sure most of you have seen this already.

Yes, here’s the long awaited (I hope) part 2 of my c75 recommendations!

011Misato Mitsumi, Tatsuki Amaduyu, and Takeshi Nakamura’s Cut a dash calendar and Esquisse VII

No winter comiket is complete without the Cut a dash calendar, and this year it’s beautiful as ever. Takeshi Nakamura’s a welcome addition to the team (too bad he doesn’t even have a website). A common problem for artists who do CG all the time is that they lost the hand-painted touch for detail, but this problem is no where near these 3 amazing artists. Esquisse just keeps getting better every year, and like the years before it’s full color and absolutely amazing. Be sure to look at it if you’re a Ga Rei zero fan, because Mitsumi-sama did a beautiful 2 page spread for Kagura and Yomi.


Crazy Clover Club’s Type moon complex x4

Does this even need an introduction? I think not. If you’re a fan of type moon, has played every one of their games, but still doesn’t have this, drop everything and get it.

012Tatekawa Mako (WNB)’s mitsuiro ehon

She’s one of those artists who I see a lot of potential in, and I’m sure that in a few years she’ll become one of my favorite artists. For now, just enjoy this short but fully colored artbook (warning: it contains high quality fanart of characters such as Miyamura Miyako, Index, Nagi and Louise).

moe-62627-sampleFujitsubo Mchine‘s Reach Critical limit

As always, Ito Noizi’s doujin is very, very short and pretty low in quality compared to her novel illustrations. However, as her fan I am obligated to write about it. After, more Ito Noizi (eve if it’s only a tiny bit more) is always good!


Zipper’s Room‘s MAGIC WORDS ZIP CGCollection vol.3

Moekibara Fumitake is a very talented artist who can pull off both coloring CG and drawing manga (unlike certain artists like Itaru Hinoue), and in C75, he released this small collection of art on CD. Because of that, they are free of all the negative effects that scanning brings to an illustration, but the downside here is that all the pictures are quite small. But that’s no problem, quality over size, right? He’s also the original artist of the upcoming anime Tayutama, I know I’m watching it, even if the art is totally butchered.


GOTO-P‘s 彼女の体温

Do you a little game called Narcissu? Goto-P’s the artist behind Narcissu side second. He’s well known for his soft coloring, and at C75, he released a cd containing 34 color illustrations. Unlike Zipper’s room, however, these Images were HUGE (I’m pretty sure that they were the size that the artist originally made them with). That meant that the images were great for details and wallpaper making, but unfortunately it also means I can’t upload the 500+mb ISO with my low bandwidth. Most of the illustrations from the CD can be found here though.


Hisuitei‘s colorful pop 6

Light and fresh, that’s what Tsubasu Izumi’s art is known to be, and he/she doesn’t disappoint here in this full color artbook.  I have yet to locate his/her 2009 calendar, but you know it’s only a matter of time. I’m not sure if I should mention this, but this also happens to be one of the original artists for Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka. As you can see, much potential was lost.

ywtu2cbk3t_28OMEGA 2-D‘s 私立トレミー学園 炎のKAINYU転校生 セカンドシーズン

Okay, so this one isn’t about the art, but if you’re a fan of Gundam00 you’ll have no problems forgiving me. Imagine a world where Tieria is a maid and Setsuna fights evil using rulers…even if you don’t understand Japanese I’m sure you’ll enjoy this doujin.

04Last but not least, Fururi‘s Kami-sama no Iu Toori

Actually, this is a doujin comprised of 10 color illustrations from various artists, then a short manga and monochrome illustrations by Fururi. I love the book, especially the few illustrations at the end, which were actually drawn with a brush and Ink.

I haven’t finished searching through the various forums yet, the hunt is never over…

5 thoughts on “C75 recommendations pt2

  1. Thank you so much for the awesome doujinshi!~ 😀

    Umm… btw, it looks like the Gundam 00 Omega-2D link is broken… Would you mind re-uploading it please?

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