Toradora twenty-four

vlcsnap-142997Ever since the very beginning, I’ve been wondering about why Minorin has so many part time jobs. I kept thinking that it would be something long and complicated, but saving up for her dream is really very simple, isn’t it?


Now that Ryuugi has proposed, the love triangle is finally resolved. However, as much as I loved the confession scene and how everyone’s trying to help the lovers elope, I can’t help but feel like it’s wrong. Everything was done on the spur of the moment, and neither Ryuugi or Taiga has real plans about what they are going to do. How can they expect to have a future like this?

Ah, there’s thunder outside, I’d better stop writing (Is the weather trying to stop me from writing negative thoughts?)

10 thoughts on “Toradora twenty-four

  1. Well, there’s one more episode. IF FOR SOME REASON that Ryuuji picks Ami, that would make my day and cake.

    I don’t really get what you mean by “saving up for her dream”. What dream D; ?

  2. @Aizen: Minorin always have a dream to become the best in the softball league. So, she save up all the money and pursue her dream to become a professional.

    I can’t wait for the last episode in next week. What kind of ending will it be?

  3. I’m feeling the same.

    For some reason, I hate that Ryuuji ditched Minorin. He’s been saying that he likes her for the longest time and now he just leaves her for Taiga? this is preposterous. I won’t accept it.

  4. @Hoshi: I dislike how quickly he changed his feelings too, but considering the amount of pressure he was under I guess it was acceptable (I still wish the scene between Minorin and Ryuugi would have been longer though).

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  6. Ugh I totally don’t accept this.

    I don’t think Ryuuji and Taiga really have a romantic love. I think its more along the lines of what Ami was saying at one point.

    They are more like fatherly or older brother type love.


    Seriously I think I’d rather he end up with Ami if not Minorin.

  7. actually minorin’s dream s too become a baseball player and not softball so she saved money to go to a baseball school

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