TH2AD: Michiru Yamada

I was very disappointed with LEAF. Why on earth did they throw in a continuations of a harem path from the original game that had no plot or a harem path with no plot involving a married woman? Ack, that was a perfectly useless waste of my last few hours of vacation time! If it was up to me I’d ban harem endings from ever being written on this planet! (Not only that, what kind of sick, twisted being wrote the story about falling in love with your childhood friend’s MOTHER? I’m gagging right now.)


However, my (initially) favourable opinion of this game has been restored (somewhat) by Michiru’s story.

Affectionately called Charu by her friends, Michiru is the very typical quiet girl. What makes her special is her hobby of drawing doujin manga, making maid costumes, and helping out with her family business, which ranges from cooking okonomiyaki to managing the Yakuza. She’s fiercely loyal to her friends and family, works hard at everything that she has to for, and eventually, every single one of these traits were used as a plot device. What I like about her story is that there isn’t a long period of time spent on exploring her character (the problem with bishoujo games is that they are often TOO long); but jumps straight into the plot. Guess what? All of their friends are getting together to put together a play for the school festival, and the majority of Takaki’s female friends (which is quite a large group), is trying to play cupid for the couple.

037Of course, the problem is Takaki’s dense head, which believes that he’s only pretending to be Michiru’s boyfriend to get her away from an arranged marriage. Of course, Michiru has liked him long before he comes to terms with his feelings, so that created a pretty good atmosphere for drama. The climax was quite touching and very adorable, even though I guess the plot twist long before they revealed it, it was still good.

waaOverall? Typical love story, not too original or memorable, but it was enjoyable. And  I want Michiru’s outfit!

5 thoughts on “TH2AD: Michiru Yamada

  1. I haven’t finished Another Days yet, but I do think I enjoyed the original To Heart 2’s stories more….For Another Days, I mostly find myself simply playing the game for the artwork

    Oh and, sorry if this is kind of off-topic, but do you know anything about the current progress of Sharin no Kuni on the Chinese translation side? I’ve looking forward to that VN (I heard it even trumps G Senjou no Maou), but the last patch I saw for that game was like version 0.2 and that topic thread sort of just disappeared from the Sumisora forum…I hope the translation group didn’t abandon it

  2. @deltazechs: I have no idea, but I was really looking forward to it too. There’s still a good chance they didn’t abandon it, after all DC2 had a 8 month hiatus and that still turned out perfectly fine. The annoying thing is the translation group is based in a forum that asks for an invitation code (who the hell invented that thing? It’s so annoying!) so I can’t even check on the progress. Maybe you’ll have better luck?

    Anyway, look on the bright side, if all else fails there’s still the English translation.

  3. At that last picture… is that Michiru’s dad or someone related to her?

    And among the extended cast of Another Day’s extended cast, Michiru’s seems to be the most quiet of the bunch… and that really makes her stand out, with Maryan, Yochi, and Harumi in the group…

  4. @ Choux
    Thanks for the update :), but yeah, I couldn’t get past the invitation code either. Unfortunately, it seems the English translation for Sharin no Kuni had been stagnating also…but, I will keep waiting

  5. @meganeshounen: Actually, he’s one of the people that works for her family and is kind of like a protective big brother of sorts. And I agree with you on the whole quiet thing, thankfully the writers never had a scene the 3 whirlwinds (Yochi isn’t that loud, so maybe it’d be better as 2 1/2 whirlwinds) being in the same room for a prolonged period of time.

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