moe-18978-sampleYes, I was one of those people who was born after Gunbuster was made and just watched Gunbuster2 when it came out all shiny and flashy, ignoring the original. What a mistake that was. I just finished watching the last few moments of the OVA a minute ago, and I’m an emotional mess (let’s face it, was there ANYONE who didn’t bawl when the lights came on?). Sure, the random nudity freaked me out a bit, sure, the original Gunbuster didn’t have that great of a budget, but it was GOOD! A must watch for anyone who even remotely likes giant robots. Definitely.

If you have not watched these 2 OVAs, go NOW.


9 thoughts on “Gunbuster!

  1. I’ve always wondered this about people who watched Diebuster without first seeing Gunbuster – at the time, what did you think the ending was about? The very last bit when the lights go up, the music swells and you-know-what happens.

  2. i’m planning to rewatch original gunbuster very soon…has anyone seen the movie (gunbuster gattai or whatever?) is it worth watching too??

  3. Gunbuster love always makes me happy, regardless of everything else. Glad to know you’ve enjoyed it. The ending still makes me get pretty emotional when I watch it.

  4. Man, just thinking about the ending to Gunbuster is getting me all teary eyed again.

    I was told repeatedly to watch Gunbuster before watching the sequel, so the emotional impact of the first was maintained, and the references in the second were caught. Also, the twist ending of Gunbuster 2 wouldn’t have been as heartwarming if I hadn’t seen Gunbuster first.

    And I, too, would like to know what someone who hadn’t seen the first OVA would think of the ending of the second.

  5. @Lbrevis/Dorian Cornelius Jasper: The ending of GUnbuster2 confused me when I first watched it, of course, I went to wiki and found out what was going on, but there wasn’t any emotional impact coming from it. However, since I got the impact from Gunbuster, I don’t think it matters all that much. The same thing applies to references. The whole “Onee-sama” thing (and the ships, and the whole ripping your top of thing , and the whole crossing your arms thing , etc etc) in Gunbuster made me nostalgic about Gunbuster2, so I don’t think it matters THAT MUCH what order you watch it in. However, I do think watching it in the right order is the proper thing to do.

    @animekritik: I haven’t watched the movies YET. Planning to change that soon.

  6. Having watched both the OVAs and the movie, I would have to say that the movie is for those who don’t have time to watch the OVAs. The movie just cuts out footage from the OVAs. (And of course, it’s also for those who want to rewatch the entire series but not willing to spend the six hours, to which I should scream “Heretic!” 😉

  7. Nah! Totally not for me. I dislike the drawing but not sure will it suit me or not. Moreover I need to pick anime series wisely this year because I don’t really have all the time like last year.

  8. @omisyth: Boo!

    @Shounen A: I still think it’s worth it to go over the events (it’s been yrears since I watched Gb2, afterall). I read somewhere that there are new scenes, maybe it’ll be something like Eureka Seven.

    @Tommy: The reason I didn’t watch it was because I hated the art too. Even in the end I still didn’t like it. But it grows on you, it really does (kinda like how I hated Tony Taka/07th expansion/bunch of other things at first but now they’re growing on me).

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