FMA Brotherhood – The Town Of Heresy


So we’re at episode 3 and we’ve finally made it to Lior and despite the fact its been done before, I still found myself enjoying it. I mean what’s to hate? Its a great story, its well acted and still well animated. They really don’t give you much to complain about. Continue reading



THANK YOU CLAMP!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your brain isn’t registering the information yet, read this: In chapter 219 of Tsubasa, we find out that clone Sakura is still alive! I’m just so happy right now. It seems that Yuuko isn’t dead either, as she’s there with CSakura and and CShaoran, telling him to choose. Ack, we won’t know what the choice is until next week! I really can’t handle reading Tsubasa on a weekly basis.

The last couple of chapters were very confusing, not only with the large amount of fighting but also with the 2 Shaorans and the 2 Sakuras. It seems that Shaoran’s parents aren’t CCS’s protagonists afterall, so now there are 4 Sakuras and 4 Shaorans in the works, all identical, all with different intentions and ablilties, all with some sort of connetion to Clow. I’m so confused, if only Eriol would come and cleanly explain everything…

Basquash 2

vlcsnap-2404131Hurray for the opening! Just like Macross frontier, this contained a lot of recycled material, but it’s still good and the song is catchy. Now, what I like about it is how it seems to be hinting at a darker plot (excellent!), and what I REALLY like is the little girl standing on the lamp post-like structure. Generally speaking, girls who can stand on lamp posts has some kind of kickass ability to them, so I’m looking forward to it. Continue reading