Do my eyes decieve me? A Negima reference?


I ‘m really behind on this, so I tried to catch up and  read chapters 217 to 229 (I’ll get caught up with the rest of it…eventually).  I couldn’t believe my eyes, Negima in Airgear! Turns out Nakayama is also a fan of Ken Akamatsu, and using that little bit of Negi Magic, she gets the courage to tune Akito (which is something I’d rather not have seen, if you know what I mean).

Of course, the good guys win and gain entrance into the tournament, only to be greeted by Obama, and through some freak accident he endes up being downloaded into Adachi’s body (they were in a virtual world for the past couple of months, remember?).  Obama then explains how certain people are trying to take over the world and tells Kazu and Ikki a tear jerking story about his childhood (involving soccer and why he’s smiling freakishly throughout the story).

I really should be excited about the tournament that’s about to begin (the action should be starting any month now), but I’m quite depressed about the long looooooooong loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time it’s going to take to get into the end of it. If I’m lucky oh great’ll pull a Naruto and stop the tournament in the middle (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease).


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