Naruto 439 – 440 – 441


We want to know why it isn’t over yet too Naruto.

So while the battle still rages on (yawn) we at least got some good stuff. Naruto finally finds out who his father is…

Naruto 439 Chibaku Tensei


Using his Chibaku Tensei, Pain finally has the Kyuubi contained within a spherical prison made from the surrounding land.

However Pain might soon find that the Kyuubi’s containment won’t last long as a tormented and confused Naruto edges closer to removing the final seal keeping the Kyuubi confined.


Just as he’s about to take the leap from 8 tails to 9 a familiar form stops him.

The Yondaime appears, saying that he had set things up so that if the 8 tails were ever to be released he would appear within Naruto’s consciousness.


He tells the Kyuubi he had never again wanted to see him but figures they are even since he had looked forward to seeing how his son had grown!

Naruto 440 – A Conversation with the Fourth.

Down on the ground Pain can’t believe that the Kyuubi has broken free of his Chibaku Tensei but resolves to just recapture him with a bigger one.


The whole meeting of Father and son is totally cute, what with Naruto not really getting it, or being too shocked to really understand it. So Minato has to stop being subtle about it and come right out and tell Naruto that he is his father.


And typical Naruto doesn’t hug his dad but gives him a good punch in the stomach and demands to know why he would seal something at troublesome as the kyuubi within his own son.


Minato apologizes, but Naruto tells him that he can deal since he’s the son of the Fourth Hokage after all 🙂

He goes on to tell Naruto that he sealed the fox within him because he is his son and he thought he could use the fox’s chakra. He realized back when the Kyuubi appeared that someone was controlling it.

Whoever it was, they were a powerful ninja and Minato felt that whoever that ninja was, he would attack the village again.


Naruto asks if that ninja was Pain, but Minato tells him it was the masked member of Akatsuki. He said he was able to see through everything he did and that he is no ordinary ninja, he feels that Pain is probably just being used by him.

Minato says that maybe as long as the ninja system exists there will breed war. People will fight to protect those they love. Where love exists, there will be hatred and ninjas will be used by that hatred.

He says that as long as the ninja system exists, another Pain will be created. Pain may have been the one that killed Jiraiya, but really it is the system that led to the creation of Pain which led to the Sanin’s death.

Naruto says that he can’t forgive Pain and asks his father what he should do, but Minato says he’ll have to figure that out for himself.


But Naruto says that if he and Jiraiya couldn’t find the answer, then how can he? He goes on to list his faults and Minato stops him, telling Naruto that he will find the answer and that he believes in him.

Minato’s chakra begins to fade and he tells Naruto that he will restore the seal one last time, before he completely fades away, he tells Naruto that Konoha can be rebuilt and that he is counting on him.


Naruto thanks his father and Pain looks on amazed as the kyuubi disappears.

Naruto 441 – Rasen Shuriken vs Shinra Tensei


Team Gai finds, Hinata so she’ll probably get healed up next chapter.

Naruto had worried that he might have crushed her and the other villages when he went all Kyuubi, but Tsunade’s slug tells him everyone is safe.

Naruto and Pain fight some more (yawn) with Naruto demanding that Pain take him to his real body.


When Pain isn’t forthcoming Naruto manages to trace his real body by following the trail of Pain’s chakra back to the body through one of those rods Pain likes to use.


Oh yea and they fight some more, hopefully by next week it will finally be over. (Well actually tomorrow since I’m super behind with this. Blame my hellaciously busy work days, which seem to be zapping all my energy.)

Well we can hope its over next chapter right?


7 thoughts on “Naruto 439 – 440 – 441

  1. Sigh…Why could they not just kill Hinata off…in angers me….its like when they didnt kill of Choi after his fight with the from the sound four…I mean really he took the red pill knowing that he was going to die..yet he some how live B FUCKING S..errrr not the right place to rant sorry…Just think Hinata should have died and that Pein is still the most Bad ass person in Naruto

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