Superior volume 7+ch22


Princess Athena's so cute!

As part of my effort to catch up with manga, I offer to you this post about the new(er) chapters of Superior, which is a manga that more people should read, really.

So summarize : Rene’s brother’s so jealous he’s gone insane and is now helping Kagami, and now Rene’s starting to develop a relationship with Sophia (the random girl who survived the massacur in volume 6. We’re introduced to Princess Athena and her body guard, Rossi. A bunch of stuff happens with the villian of the week. Hero decided that Sheila can’t be the demon king (for the umpteenth time), but Rossi believes Sheila is the demon king and gived her a serum that will kill her.

098_superiorichtysv7_janimesteqqBut I’m not really reading this for the story. I’m reading this because Sheila’s awesome and the relationship between her and hero are adorable enough to kick the ass of most highschool romances I’ve read (this is just what I need between the adrenaline of airgear and the peace of Aria).


Too cute...


5 thoughts on “Superior volume 7+ch22

  1. waah! so true!
    superior is awesome! I totally agree when you said it’s enough to kick the ass of most high school romance mangas!
    I’m so excited for the new chapters but It’s taking so long!! I hope it comes now! I want to see how Hero would react to it..nyaahh! 🙂

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