Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 210


Remember when Sakura died in Shaoran’s arms back then? I thought that it was just so extremely cruel for her to die before having a change to finish her confession, but even worse was the fact that he couldn’t answer her feelings anyway because he didn’t have a heart.

Of course, the truth is crueler that it appears.Shaoran(c) did understand her feelings and died after stabbing Fei Wang and protecting Shaoran (o) from Fei Wang’s blow. Do you know what he said as he laid there, dying? He said that he wanted Sakura(c) to finish her sentence, that he wanted the feathers to be returned to Sakura, sorry, and…

16Oh gods, even after everything he said and did, he still remembered Sakura and how she asked him to never apologize!

All this time, I believed what Yukito said in the first volume, that Shaoran is the one destined for Sakura. Throughout all the time I’ve been reading tsubasa I’ve held on to that belief that in the end they are going to be together. No miracle can make that happen now, nothing can revive the dead. Why, CLAMP? Why couldn’t just let Sakura tell Shaoran that she loved him! I don’t give a damn about colored pages! I just want them to be together…


3 thoughts on “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 210

  1. we share the same sentiments…
    i just want to see the clones happy…
    i would rather let the Sakura (c) and Shaoran (c) have their happy ending than the originals…
    especially since, in most of the chapters in Tsubasa, we traveled with them and not with the originals…

  2. That’s all I wanted from the manga too. It was so disappointing that a miracle won’t happen. *sigh* I was just reading the manga hoping to see a happy ending for those two. I don’t really care about the originals because I still don’t feel like I know them. At this point I’m just reading so that the time I spent on it won’t be wasted.

  3. Don’t worry, clone shaoran and clone sakura will be reborn again into the earth unless real shaoran and real sakura do something different from their ancestors in which is quite probable seeing that fay and kuropoo are with them. So, if they are reborn, they most probably have another chance to confess and blah blah blah

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