First impressions: Asura Cryin’, K-on! and Tsubasa Shunraiki

vlcsnap-8430K-on! feels to me like a mish mash of things I’ve watched before. The characters remind me of Lucky star, the setting reminds me of Manabi straight, and the awesome singing at the end reminds me of Haruhi (speaking of which, is there anyone who HASN’T heard of how the new season is going to have 28 episodes?) However, unlike those shows, the main character is a useless moeblob. Kyoani upped on the style, and the ending song features the girls in stunning dresses (Kyoani’s always had a great sense of fashion), and everything looks pretty.

vlcsnap-7710But the useless moeblob means that I’m not going to write about it.

vlcsnap-427991Tsubasa Shunraiki was good. The music was fantastic (I’m a HUGE fan of FictionJunction YUUKA and basically anyone who was ever involved with Yuki Kajuira), and the story made me curious enough to go and read the manga all over again (prompting that post a few days ago). However, the animation isn’t completely solid and the story is just a little too slow for me (since I’ve already read the manga I’m picking at everything ). Of course, this has improved DRAMATICALLY since bee train’s horrendous first season, so I’m not complaining too much.

vlcsnap-12511It’s good for old readers who are feeling nostalgic, but new watchers are just going to be confused. I’ll keep watching just for the music, but it’s not going to be the focus of my day.

vlcsnap-14745Asuyra cryin’ was pretty much what I expected. “Normal” guy is the main character, the stupid best friend is present, along with a number of beautiful girls. There are secret organizations and mechanical monsters, pretty much your run of the mill show. The animation isn’t that great and is doomed to get worse in the coming episodes, and the plot’s absolute nonsense that was written to shock viewers and make then watch the second episode, explaining nothing. As of right now, the characters aren’t terribly interesting, but the entire episode had been hinting at a deeper plot that shows quite a bit of promise. The background tracks were really quite excellent, however the opening and ending songs were sand with a woman who should really tone down her vibrato.

vlcsnap-15041I’m a bit dsappointed with the girls in the harem, but I’ll keep watching.


4 thoughts on “First impressions: Asura Cryin’, K-on! and Tsubasa Shunraiki

  1. K-On is just really Kannagi-ish for me. And the dude in Asura? He looks like u can hang clothes on that friggin strand of his hair. XD

  2. @animekritik: Yeah, I’m trying to be pickier on the spring season, otherwise I’ll never get through my backlog of NVs and manga without failing school.

    @imbeleth: I agree! Though I think the art really reminds me of Megatokyo (especially when the characters are facing sideways).

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