fullmetal alchemist 2 : brotherhood


“Don’t mess with Fullmetal, or he’ll whack you with spiky, clubby thing…”

Fullmetal is back, its really back and if the first episode is anything to go by I’m going to love it as much this time as I did the first time round.

Some of you might have begun reading my posts on Toradora and Skip Beat only to find I dropped them. This wasn’t because they were bad shows. I absolutely adore Skip Beat and am always excited to see the latest chapter of that particular manga. I really enjoyed Toradora although I’m not quite sure the ending appealed to me all that much.

But I really got bored with posting about those shows, I liked them well enough but I found I could miss a few episodes and then marathon them. Unlike with Macross Frontier where I watched half the episodes raw because I was just too damn impatient to wait for the sub. Hell the last episode I watched in real time as it aired in Japan because I just couldn’t wait to see it. Nothing since Macross Frontier has really grabbed me the way that show did.

I adored Fullmetal the first time round and just like Macross Frontier I couldn’t get enough of it, although I have to admit I never saw it subbed. I never bothered to watch it until it aired on Adult Swim, so my only exposure to the series has been through the dub. So if you watched the first series subbed, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on how they match up to one another.

Yui – Again

It managed to surprise me from the get go, what with the blatant spoilers in the opening theme. Maybe they thought it wouldn’t matter that they outed a particular character as a homunculi because anyone who has seen the first season, already knows about it. But for any new fans its definitely a major spoiler.

Uso – Sid

I have to say I enjoyed both the OP and ED theme. They always had good music in the last series and its nice to see that trend has continued with the new show.


“Don’t call him short, that will make him angry and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.”

As for the show itself, everything was there, from the over the top craziness which ensues anytime someone calls Ed short, to the twisted plotting of the homunculi from the shadows.



While they didn’t start off in Lior, deciding to start off with some story based upon the “Ice Alchemist” and his plot to bring down Bradley. That didn’t really matter, it was a nice way for them to showcase the talents of all the Alchemists involved in the episode without getting in too deep into the back story too early on.


Hmm older man bringing you flowers… RUN EDO CHAN RUN! Wait, its just Armstrong.


One other plus to a new show, that resets from the beginning. MORE HUGHES!

Despite not leaping straight into the actual manga storyline they certainly didn’t hang about with the character introductions. This time round we didn’t have to wait to meet Armstrong and Hughes, who were their usual humorous selves. They even introduced Kimblee much earlier than they did in the first series.

The animation was on a par with that of the first series and the background music seemed to fit nicely, although I’m not sure anyone can match Michriu Oshima’s score for the first series.

The background music for the first series fit the flow of the show so wonderfully and at times was quite beautiful. I’m going to miss hearing Touka Koukan (Equivalent Exchange) which used to play as Al spoke in the opening titles and bratja (brothers) was simply beautiful.

That said the music blended well with the visuals and never really distracted you from what you were watching.

I’ve been excited about this since I heard it was coming out and I’m glad for once my expectations were met and I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw. Its new but at the same time familiar and it was great to watch Ed and Al again. I totally look forward to Episode 2.


29 thoughts on “fullmetal alchemist 2 : brotherhood

  1. *Looks at Huges…

    This episode was awesome (and so nostalgic too, I forgot how funny Armstrong was)! But who do you think is the boy with the ponytail in the op? It could be Edward, Alphonse’s real body, or that certain little slave boy whose name I can’t spell. Who do you mean when you say that the homunculi’s identity was revealed?

  2. I adored seeing the characters back in action. It took me until summer 2005 to finish the first series, though I had followed it somewhere in 2003 (good times), and this one feels so nostalgic and it’s a beautiful thing. Clench your teeth ecstatic!

    So ya, Huges, Armstrong, Al.. gaaah! /ispleased

    Also, Frontier was awesome through and through. Marathoned it in December, hit my top spot for 2008. It’ll be interesting to see how bloggers go about this, since there wasn’t much blogger-fire when in its first seasonal premier.


  3. It’s always a pleasant feeling to see those guys right off the start, kicking off things by doing whatever it is they do. At the same time, I kinda feel bad knowing what we’ll eventually happen to these characters…*cough Hughes cough*

  4. @ Choux, I was talking about Greed, we didn’t see his homunculi form until much later in the first series, but they show him transforming quite clearly in the OP.

    Hmm I wonder about the little boy too.

    @ Ryan A, I imagine considering how popular the first series, was, there is gonna be quite a bit of chatter about it this time round 🙂

    @ 7, I know, it was sad enough the first time round!

    @oOgA, I totally agree!

  5. It sounds like the first episode didn’t disappoint you 🙂

    I loved music in the original FMA, and I doubt the new one will be better, but the composer is quite good.

    P.S. Omg… White background! ❤ My eyes are sooo pleased 🙂 The new banner is also nice with those soft colors 🙂

  6. @Kitsune, Nope not at all, I really enjoyed it!

    I liked the music, it did fit well, its just that the score for the first series was exceptional in my opinion.

    All the credit goes to Choux, although having had to fix this post, I realize I’m gonna have to go back through and edit quite a few of my Naruto posts since the captions are now no longer readable on this background.

  7. I really enjoyed the opening. no disrespect to ready steady go( only opening theme i can remember) but this is way better. I too will miss bratja, but because of the score change this seems like a totally different show. I liked the departure from the lior story line since it’s very much the same in the original anime and the manga so we don’t really miss much. but this series does seem like its made more for people who are already fans of the series. (they expect you to already understand the basics of alchemy and I was pretty confuse about some things with the ice alchemist.) hope lin shows up in this.

  8. Choux: the boy in the ponytail is in fact Hohenheim as a kid there’s a whole chapter about him and his life as a kid in the manga series.

    Anyway the first episode was ok not as good as i expected i was hoping something more similler to the manga though they did show kimblee and the other characters earlyer that’s true. now to see if bones sticks to the manga storyline or fails. it’s also a pitty that they seemed to have cut main characters in the manga like Ling and Mei (pittty) oh well… i’m just glad it didn’t end at the movie it would have been dull as hell.

  9. @ Aaron, True and the change in composer was probably on purpose, so that the feel would be different from the first series.

    I have no problem with delaying the trip to Lior either, I’m pretty sure its going to happen, probably next episode.

    I know what you mean about the ‘Ice Alchemist’ I think Calawain hit the nail on the head in his post over at THAT –> http://that.animeblogger.net/2009/04/06/quick-impressions-fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood/

    Why call him the Ice Alchemist, when he makes ice and steam, really a more apt term would be ‘The Water’ Alchemist as Calawain points out.

    @Saphy, I think they’ll probably start with Lior the next episode, so I don’t think you’ll have too long to wait before it gets mangaish.

    Whether or not they are going to stick really close to the manga or just stick closer to the elements of the manga ie the origin of the homunculi which was different for the first series, remains to be seen. We are only one episode in after all.

    You may yet see more manga characters even though they aren’t in the opening titles. Only time will tell though.

  10. I thought the first eppisode was good, I liked the music as well, thoigh as pointed out, it isn’t as good as the first seasons score.
    Any clue on a release date for episode two yet?

  11. @Wolfspice, Hmm episode one aired on Sunday and I watched a sub Monday.

    So if that is its regular slot maybe monday, unless Funi sends out an c & d to whoever subbed it, since they are releasing subs of their own.

    Funi released their sub on a thursday, so if they keep with that schedule I guess the answer is Monday or Thursday 🙂

  12. I was so excited to hear that a second FMA season was going to come out!

    Although I’m a bit disappointed that they weren’t going to start off from the movie (because everyone wants to know what happens next :P) I was quite pleased with the first episode.

    The OP was quite a spoiler for new fans, indeed, but I liked how the episode started right off that bat, showing most of the main characters, and, HUGHES! XD I like how they’re showing snippets of the brothers’ past, it’ll probably give more time for the main plot.

    And the ED was quite amusing to watch ^^ I can’t wait for the second episode to show. Meanwhile, I have to find a way to get that ending song!~ ((Too bad it won’t be available until late April..))

  13. @ Sunii, I wonder if they ever will pick up threads of what happened after the movie. After all it would probably be really complicated if they did, given this second outing for the boys.

  14. So the second season is again about what happened to the brothers during those years they traveled only with new revelations and some new storylines? We’re not going to find out what happened after the movie?

  15. @ Kai, Nope doesn’t look like it. Looks like this series is pretty much the same but following the manga more closely.

    So the origin of the homunculi for example, is going to be very different from that of the first series.

  16. Why would they repeat something that was already amazing? I highly doubt they will out-do what has already been done, regardless of whether it follows the manga more closely or not. This one seems a tad fluffier than the previous one, and the older one’s dark nature is what made it cool and different for me. Anyway, that’s my take on it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

  17. is it me or this FullMetal Alchemist is e remastered one..cause it seems more like it .. when i saw the thing will Lior , i remebered that is was the same as the first episode of Full Metal Alchemist: The Philosopher stone … and another thing that made me wonder is that Al was brought to normal by Ed ..at the end of The Philosopher stone..this is why i dont understand

  18. @ Cloudface Probably because since this was a proven winner first time round, they are guaranteed good viewing figures.

    Something that is probably really important given the state of the economy world round. Since FMA is a known money maker, they can almost guarantee this is going to go well for them.

    So better for them to throw more money at a show like this than to risk it on an unknown.

    Although I agree, that there is nothing wrong with the first series. In fact I really do prefer the background music of the first.

    Well I guess I shouldn’t judge too quickly since we are only one episode in.

    @tao, This is a reimagining of sorts, so whilst some things will be the same, there will be some changes.

  19. “Nothing since Macross Frontier has really grabbed me the way that show did.”

    Funny, that’s how Code Geass R2 was for me. In the season before Code Geass R2, I watched around 5 different shows. While Code Geass R2 aired, I started out watching around 4 and then gave up on all but Code Geass R2.

    … After that, I haven’t been able to finish a series. Not for lack of trying, though. gg stopped subbing Maria+Holic, and I don’t remember when the latest Minami-ke Okaeri came out.

    That said, I’m loving the new series. I found the first adaptation to be overly angsty and filled with a shitload of… well, angst. Part of the allure of FMA (for me) lies in it’s ability to add humor to the grimmer scenes. I can’t really explain it that well. But the manga is far superior to the anime, and if the second adaptation even slightly resembles the manga, then I think I’ve got a winner on my hands, here.

  20. @ maggeh, First off, where the eff have you been? I’m trying to work up the enthusiasm for the Naruto post, but it will probably be brief, the last two chapters have bored me to be honest.

    Given that I’m pretty sure we got some glimpses of ‘Father’ I think they are definitely going to be sticking closer to the manga this time round.

    Eh I don’t mind angst when its fresh, it is the over the top angst of say Zero from Vampire Knight, that starts to get me bored. He’d be cuter if he smiled more XD

    I actually thought the first FMA series did a good job of balancing both angst and humor, though I guess overall the tone was darker, so I don’t mind a lighter take this time around.

  21. Busy. Lazy? >_>

    I used to visit CI through the banner on Oi, Hayaku! but ever since I had to take my laptop for repairs, I haven’t been to Oi, Hayaku! hence, I haven’t been here. Long story involving the FireFox “Most Visited” folder and a defective laptop.

    I guess I didn’t like the anime because I loved the manga and kept comparing the too of them. As a standalone, it was probably good… but the problem was that I couldn’t see it as a standalone. XD

    Yeah, I’m thinking this series is generally for those who did read the manga – they got Father and judging from the second episode, they’re summarizing stuff that’s basic knowledge to those who are familiar with the series.

  22. Th– They really did it. It wasn’t just a rumor. OH MY FUCKING GOD, BY THE MANGA STORYLINE, JUST LIKE THEY SAID! Ooooh! I seriously can’t wait! I already love the OP, and it hasn’t even been 15 seconds yet! Perfectly placed lip synching and…and…well, I won’t ramble on poetically about it here.
    Aww~ all you little fans that haven’t read the manga… (Cute!) I guess you -wouldn’t- know the blonde man with the ponytail. It’s… hm… chapter 74. (But no skipping to it!)

    Uwaa! Hauuuu hau hau! I’m all excited-excited, now!
    I saw the anime first, then about half a year after the final episode aired in America, I read the manga. The manga is by far the better one, but the difference in plots made the anime fun. I caaaan’t waaaaaaaait to hit play again. I’ll stop now~ *giggle fit*

  23. And I thought Hollywood was bad when it comes to remakes! This series is extremely disappointing, hell its like a big spit in the face!
    “oh look new FMA season! Time to get excited thinking about all the new possibilities and plot lines! but no wait instead of doing that lets just repackage what we already did so no one needs to do any real work but we still get our huge paycheck!”

    Its no fun to watch something thats suppose to be brand new and already know how its all going to turn out…boring.
    it’s not like they couldn’t have continued the old series after shambala, all they needed to do was come up with a clever way to bring Ed & Al back to the world of alchemy and bring up some new characters both bad and good. Let Al keep his body, give Ed back his automail and send them on a new adventure.

    But i guess that’s too hard, better just to redo whats already been done instead of thinking for a change.

  24. why is this so old its 2010 and im really wondering if FMA brother hood is the last of the series i hope there will be a season three but….well maybe ….sence ****spoiler**** ED and winry had kids so…….yeah…..they had to do “that” to have kids but at the end of the series it said ed was going west and al was going east so if there is a season three it will be based upon those “adventures” they have but in that picture at the end of brotherhood it will have been after season three so there probably will have to be another protaganest in season three “if there is going to be a season three”

    • No one has heard any rumblings. As far as the manga goes, this series should be done.

      I guess it all depends on how badly they need a hit.

      In which case they could resurrect it again and go off manga.

      It didn’t hurt the original series to not be entirely manga based after all.

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